Nitza Villapol Taught Generations of Cubans How to Make Do and Eat Well

To say that Nitza Villapol wrote the most important Cuban cookbook would be to understate her influence.
Ashley Rodriguez
Ice Cream

The History of Cuba's Ongoing Obsession with Ice Cream

From 15-scoop sundaes to Castro's infatuation with a white-uddered cow, Cuba's relationship with ice cream has always been a passionate affair.
Myles Karp

Plantains, Sugar Cane Juice, and the Unifying Comfort of a Cuban Café

Las Olas is a humble Miami anomaly amidst the soaring multi-million dollar condos and upscale restaurants in the neighborhood.
Alex Swerdloff

The Cuban Government Tried to Use Rum to Pay a $276 Million Debt

Rum was just one of the commodities that Cuba has offered to the Czechs.
Jelisa Castrodale

Tourism Boom is Leaving Cubans Struggling to Afford Food

American visits to Cuba went up 77 percent in 2015, and food prices have been ballooning drastically on account of the flood of foreign cash.
Gigen Mammoser

You Can Now Bring Home as Much Cuban Rum as Your Heart Desires

Despite the easing of Cold War tensions with Cuba, until now, American had only been able to bring back home $100 worth of Cuban booze and smokes from abroad.
Wyatt Marshall

Stale Bread with Ham and Rum: Tourism in the Time of Cuba

“Cuba is for traveling, not for living,” said one man I encountered. “We get a ration of five eggs per month, one piece of bread per day, and one chicken leg every 45 days.”
Alice Driver

The Most Famous Daiquiri in the World Tastes Like Sweet, Frozen Fame

I visited the cathedral of daiquiris in Havana, the place where Ernest Hemingway visited on a daily basis, to see if the drink still held up after all these years of fame.
Luis Cobelo

American Tourists Are Drinking Cuba Dry

Cuba’s existing breweries have already committed to producing 33 million cases of beer in order to keep up with the boom in tourism, though that number is far beyond the 19 million cases that their plants can currently handle.
Nick Rose

How to Eat Like a Cuban in Havana

If you visit Cuba, you should eat like a Cuban, in places where Cubans usually go. You’ll spend no more than $20 a week, though that can often equal many Cubans’ monthly salaries.
Luis Cobelo
Ice Cream

How Nuclear Engineering Launched This Ice Cream Master's Career

After his nuclear engineering work was suspended in Russia—due to Chernobyl— one Cuban returned home, only to discover that his passion for ice cream would take him down a completely different path entirely.
María Fernanda de la Torre

Cuba Doesn’t Want Any Filthy American Food

Our capitalist politicians are learning the hard way that just because we suddenly want to rub shoulders with communist-run Cuba doesn’t mean they want to do the same.
Alex Swerdloff