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My Szechuan Restaurant Is So Spicy That a Customer Called The Cops on Me

Everyone handles spice differently. I invented a heat index scale for my restaurant, Han Dynasty, so that people don't send dishes back to the kitchen, one of the biggest cultural insults in China.
Han Chiang
Restaurant Confessionals

My Culinary School Education Was Filled with Hazing and Anarchy

What happens when you put a bunch of culinary students together under one roof and give them a whole bunch of rules to live by? Pure anarchy and teachers who end up in the fetal position.
Molecular Gastronomy

Canned Soup and Molecular Cuisine Aren't All That Different

Canada's go-to molecular cuisine expert John Placko spent years as the corporate chef for chain restaurants and food companies. For him, the two worlds actually have a lot in common.
Karon Liu

For Chefs, Being Ethical Is More Important Than Being Famous

Yes, I am one of the most mass-media-saturated cooks in Latin America—but I don’t care about being famous. Now that Venezuela is producing world-class chefs, I want them to understand that cooking is a profession and not just a way to become a...
Sumito Estévez
Restaurant Confessionals

Being Head Pastry Chef Is the Best Job in the Kitchen

Apart from the obvious scope for creativity that comes with running a pastry section, the best part of the job is that your imagination is trusted. No one fucks with the pastry chef.
Munchies Staff
Internet Week

You Should Come Hang with MUNCHIES at Internet Week

We called up an impressive culinary panel (Flynn McGarry, Food52's Amanda Hesser, and writer/butcher Adam Tiberio) to discuss our ever-shifting culinary knowledge in the web era at Internet Week next Wednesday. Come vibe with us in person or live...
Munchies Staff

There’s a New Food Movie Out—and It Doesn’t Suck

For all you ungrateful urchins who have no idea what to do for their mothers tomorrow, Jon Favreau is here to help. His new film, <i>Chef</i>, just hit theaters yesterday and it’s got all the fixings for a great mom date.
Kirsten Stamn
quarter-life crisis

My So-Called Culinary Life

I remember when Graham Chase, Angela’s father on &lt;i&gt;My So-Called Life&lt;/i&gt;, quit his job to pursue his real passion, cooking. It was the first time the thought of jumping into the restaurant biz and leaving a desk job behind seemed like a...
Jonathan Meyer