Meet the Chef Putting David Hockney on a Plate

Inspired by the Tate Britain’s major new exhibition of the British artist’s work, chef Garrett Keown has created a three-course dinner featuring Californian peppers and Yorkshire tea-smoked broth.
Daisy Meager

What It Means to Be a Real Foodie

Foodie poseurs are coming out of the woodwork these days talking a big game about the nuances of food. It's more than just a word on your Facebook profile or the way you pronounce prosciutto.
Colin Nissan
Fast Food

How Global Food Prices Led to the Rise of Fast Food

With Western convenience, of course, comes high levels of fat, sugar, and salt.
Nick Rose

Inside the Secretive Kitchens of Britain’s North Korean Refugees

“There is nowhere in the UK you can buy North Korean food but I cook it for my family at home everyday,” says Lee Min, a North Korean refugee and chef now living in Manchester.
Maya Oppenheim

Why the Best Caribbean Food Comes with a Side of ‘Bad’ Service

In many of Britain’s Caribbean eateries, food rules supreme and service is secondary. “Wha yuh want?” is a totally acceptable and to-the-point way for a server to address their customers.
Anthony Lorenzo

Japan's Geishas Are Forced to Go Undercover to Get Their Fast Food Fix

According to Asia One, Kyoto’s geiko—the regional title for geisha—have hatched a rather Hollywood-esque ploy for acquiring the object of their desire. They have started wearing disguises so as to not be “outed” as geisha while getting their French fry...
Alex Swerdloff

Why Everyone Needs to Shut Up About Kale Already

Sure, kale's pretty good for you, but this is overkill. And this whole time, we may have just fallen for some clever rebranding of a bland leafy green.
Dara Bramson

Newfoundland's History Tastes Like Salted Cod

I’m an eighth-generation Fogo Islander. We were salt cod people and we’d rarely eat fresh cod, because why would you eat that when you have salted cod? It’s just better.
Zita Cobb
Thunder Bay

Inside the 100-Year-Old Temple of Finnish Pancakes

With one of the highest populations of Finns outside of Finland, the city of Thunder Bay in northwestern Ontario has a restaurant that's been serving Finnish pancakes for nearly a century.
Tiffany Jarva

Sometimes Feminist Social Theory Is Best Explained Through Pizza

Comedian and YouTube enthusiast Akilah Hughes has taken a novel approach to helping people understand the experience of female minorities.
Hilary Pollack

Cooking the Romani Gypsy Way Is Better Than Fancy Modern Kitchens

I would give up all the modern equipment in a contemporary kitchen for a couple of green sticks, a good fire, and a brace of locally caught rabbits, or “sho shoi” as they are called in Romani.
Tom Ewer
Los Angeles

MUNCHIES Is Hiring a West Coast Editor

It's great news. Is it you?
Helen Hollyman