Day of the dead


PHOTOS: The Dying Art of Making Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

Meet the company keeping this Mexican tradition alive.
Luis Cobelo

How to Eat Like a Gravedigger

"The fragrant steam of beef liver seasoned with a copious amount of sliced onions and chiles toreados mixes with the smell of wet dirt coming from a recently opened grave."
Memo Bautista
Make it

How to Build an Epic Cocktail Fountain for Day of the Dead

What’s better than paying tribute to your deceased loved ones than a drink in their honor?
Sam Anderson

Eat the Best 'Pan de Muertos' in Mexico for Day of the Dead

Every year during Dia de los Muertos, bakeries all over Mexico make 'pan de muertos,' (bread of the dead). These are the best in Mexico City.
Pablo Mata Olay
Mexican Food

Squeezing Burrata Balls with New York’s Favorite Mexican Chef

I’m in a London restaurant basement and Enrique Olvera is teaching me to prepare a dish fusing fresh tomato and burrata. “We don’t like to plate with too much fuss or stuff,” he explains.
Nell Frizzell

How To: Make Vegan Pan De Muerto

The vegan eaters/bike riders at Los Loosers in Mexico City give us their spin on the classic Día de los Muertos dish, and we can assure you it's to die for.
Munchies Staff

How This Lap Dog-Sized Tamale Became the Food of the Dead

In Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated by offering a giant casserole-like tamale that is bigger in size than a small a chihuahua and tastes more like an epazote-scented chicken pot pie than an actual tamale.
Javier Cabral