Roadkill: It's What's for Dinner (in Oregon)

Good news, Oregonians! You now have a new source for free-range, grass-fed, organic meat.
Jelisa Castrodale

Hordes of Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Italy's Most Prized Vineyards

Wild pigs are gluttons for Italy's grapes and sprouts, and so are deer. The two species are doing between US$11 million and $16 million in damage every year in Italy’s iconic Chianti region.
Wyatt Marshall

MUNCHIES Presents: Young Hunters

In this MUNCHIES special, we follow a diverse group of young people around Amsterdam who have found surprising reasons to hunt for their own meat.
Duco Coops

A Nun Hunted and Killed a Huge Deer and the Internet Went Crazy

The Catholic Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania proudly posted a picture on their Facebook page recently, not knowing what response they'd get. But when the photo of Sister John Paul Bauer—a nun and teacher at Elk County Catholic High School—hit the...
Alex Swerdloff

I Ate Deer Roadkill and It Was Delicious

I recently attended an upscale version of the decades-old game dinners common in smaller New England communities, which offered the titillating promise of professionally prepared roadkill.
Rose Maura Lorre

Britain Is Eating More Deer Than Ever

Sales of game meat in the UK rose by nearly 10 percent last year, something market researchers put down to the growing popularity of venison. Soz, Bambi.
Phoebe Hurst

Dressing My First Deer Cut Me to the Core

While on a hunting trip in Germany, I got up close and personal with Franz Joseph—not the Austrian emperor, but a majestic old stag who lived his life in a deer park.
Isabella Rozendaal

Why I'm a Closeted Duck Hunter

I grew up hunting everything from deer and ducks in Louisiana, but it wasn't until I came into contact with one chef who changed the way that I view the sport that has made me a different hunter, a better chef, and leader.
John Besh

Mississipi Wants to Feed Its Prisoners Deer and MREs

Future criminals, take note: Not every state treats its prisoners to maggot-infested meals served by corner-cutting contractors. In Mississippi, inmates may soon be dining on fresh venison instead of insect larvae.
Munchies Staff

I Fought Deer for Snacks in Hiroshima

I visited Miyajima, a funny little island off of the coast of Hiroshima, to wrestle aggressive deer for bags of chestnuts and eat grilled oysters that hopefully won't turn me into a mutant.
Zack Kotzer

Roadkill on the Railroad Means Free Dinner

We lived on the outskirts of Philadelphia, on the edge of a nature center. The deer there cause all kinds of problems: car wrecks, Lyme disease, destroying people's shrubbery. So my dad didn't feel at all bad when he could get a fresh one off the...
Aaron Kase

A Swiss Wildlife Park Is Serving Its Animals As Carpaccio

At Wildnispark Langenberg in Zurich, visitors can gaze upon majestic wild boars, deer, moose, bison, and more—and then they can head to one of the park's restaurants and eat them.
Munchies Staff