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There's a New Hazelnut Spread in Town and It Wants to Take On Nutella

The Barilla Group is set to launch the palm-oil-free Crema Pan di Stelle in January of next year.
Danielle Wayda

Why Burger King Is Under Fire for Alleged Rampant Environmental Destruction

"Massive, out-of-control fires raged through the landscape."
Nick Rose
palm oil

Why Green Bean Casserole Is Killing Off Rhinos

The creamy, bubbly casserole is an iconic Thanksgiving dish, but those French-fried onions on top—as well as a whole host of other supermarket foods—are full of wildlife-endangering palm oil.
Lauren Rothman

Our Love of Avocado Is Destroying Mexico's Forests

We get it: You know guacamole costs extra. But in Mexico, the real cost of avocado farming is on the environment, too.
Hilary Pollack

France Is Concerned that Nutella Is Destroying the World

France’s Ecology Minister Segolene Royal warned this week that the world’s denizens need to learn to live without, or at least with less of, the beloved spread.
Hilary Pollack

Meat May Be Murder, But Tofu Is Too

In Brazil, land is being cleared at an alarming rate to plant every vegetarian's favorite crop: Soy.
Lauren Rothman
palm oil

Boycotting Palm Oil Won't Do Any Good

The pitfalls of the palm oil industry are devastating, but experts say that boycotting the use of such a ubiquitous ingredient won't do any good—only a halt to deforestation, along with a widespread consumer fight for higher sustainable standards will.
Helen Nianias

Southern Brazil Is Eating Endangered Pinecones

Picking up a bag of the seasonal treat known as <em>pinhão</em> is as familiar to Brazilians as stopping by a summertime peach tents in Georgia or huckleberry shacks in Montana. But deforestations is putting the trees that produce them at risk of...
Shannon Sims