food safety

Former Detroit Health Inspector Turns Restaurant Horrors into a Photo Show

“I saw a chef take a bowl of cornstarch [and] carry it into the bathroom... When he came back out, there was cornstarch all over his pants, from where he’d put it on his ass."
Jelisa Castrodale

Detroit Concession Stand Worker Faces Felony Charges for Spitting on a Customer's Pizza

Guessing that a restaurant employee might spit in your food is one thing. Seeing a video is a whole other story.
Jelisa Castrodale

This Bar Banned All Irish People on St. Patrick's Day as a Social Experiment

The bouncer at the pop-up told people wearing green that the Irish were “lower-class citizens” who would “steal your jobs."
Jelisa Castrodale

Where to Eat in Detroit's Outer Neighborhoods

Detroit's food scene is one of the country's finest—and it owes its identity to immigrant- and black-owned restaurants.
Tom Perkins

Inside the Detroit Doughnut Shop Founded in Honor of a Hip-Hop Legend

Dilla's Delights is a Detroit doughnut shop operated by the family of J Dilla, the hip-hop artist/producer who passed away only three days after the release of his influential album, 'Donuts'.
Tom Perkins

Detroit Pizza Is the Best Pie You've Never Had

And no, we're not talking about Little Caesar's.
Tom Perkins

How Beer Companies Are Trying to Get Detroit's Rape Kits Tested

About 1,000 of the city's rape kits are still untested, and 8 Degrees and Batch Brewing are doing what they can to help.
Jelisa Castrodale

Why Detroit-Area Dive Bars Are Serving Some of the Best Food Around

The pop-ups in the bars of Hamtramck—a tiny, dense, and poor immigrant enclave physically surrounded by Detroit—offer real eating at a low price in a city otherwise short on culinary variety and cash.
Tom Perkins

This Dinner Series Is Getting People to Talk About Being Black in America

From Lagos is a traveling pop-up restaurant created by Tunde Wey. It aims to get people talking and thinking about 'blackness in America' over delicious, homestyle Nigerian food, served family-style.
Javier Cabral
food poisoning

I Got Lunch at Whole Foods and Now I Need to Get Tested for Hepatitis

The Detroit Health Department recently announced it’s investigating a Whole Foods location over two cases of hepatitis linked its prepared food department.
Tom Perkins

Muslim Ice Cream Truck Drivers Claim They're Being Targeted by Racist Police in Michigan

A pair of ice cream truck drivers in Hamtramck, Michigan charge that police treated them "like dogs" after they were falsely arrested and detained for two days without being given anything to eat or drink.
Tom Perkins
urban farming

Turning Derelict Buildings into an Urban Farm in Detroit

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative produces thousands of pounds of organic produce each year in Detroit's blighted North End, using existing infrastructure and engaging the local community.
Lauren Rothman