Black Farmers File Discrimination Suit Alleging that They Were Sold Fake Seeds

A group of black farmers in Tennessee claims they were intentionally sold $100,000 worth of fake soybean seeds by Stine Seed Company.
Danielle Wayda

Restaurant Chain Must Pay $2.85 Million Settlement for Allegedly Refusing to Hire 'Old White Guys'

Seasons 52 is owned by the same restaurant group as Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse.
Jelisa Castrodale

NYC Dive Bar Says It Will Kick Out Anyone Who Uses the Word 'Literally'

This is, like, literally discrimination.
Mayukh Sen

South Carolina Restaurant Apologizes for Using Super-Racist 'Help Wanted' Sign

What happens when a minority-owned restaurant posts a help-wanted sign that blatantly and explicitly offends, well, minorities?
Alex Swerdloff

A Court Will Decide If Asking for 'Black People Food' Is Racial Discrimination

Is asking the African-American chef you hired to work at your sprawling dude ranch to start making “black people food” a super racist request, or nothing more than a wee bit of discourtesy and a smidgen of insensitivity?
Alex Swerdloff

Muslim Ice Cream Truck Drivers Claim They're Being Targeted by Racist Police in Michigan

A pair of ice cream truck drivers in Hamtramck, Michigan charge that police treated them "like dogs" after they were falsely arrested and detained for two days without being given anything to eat or drink.
Tom Perkins

How a ‘Transgender’ Ken Doll Cake Sparked a Controversy Online

A Sacramento bakery thought nothing of baking a custom cake that featured a Ken doll wearing a dress. Then the comments accusing them of being "perverts" and "sick" started rolling in.
Wyatt Marshall

This Doughnut Shop Is Refusing To Employ Vegans and Vegetarians

Pip’s Original in Portland felt the wrath of the internet last week after stipulating in a job description that applicants for its shop assistant role need not apply if they are vegan or vegetarian.
Daisy Meager
Fast Food

Britain’s Muslim Takeaway Workers Are Suffering Islamophobic Attacks

Shortly after the Paris terrorist attacks, takeaway owner Mohammed Khalid was beaten outside his shop in Glasgow. He’s far from the only one—statistics from Muslim campaign groups show a rise in such Islamophobic abuse on fast food workers.
Zab Mustefa

Bars Are Boycotting 50 Cent’s Vodka Because He Bullied a Man with Autism

The latest in 50 Cent’s long line of homophobic, sexist, and downright obnoxious social media stunts is costing him more than followers.
Nick Rose

KFC Fired a Manager Who Refused to Hire a Transgender Employee

Last week, Georgia Carter left a Richmond, Virginia KFC happy to have found employment. An hour later, she was fired.
Nick Rose
restaurant industry

HIV Discrimination Still Exists in the Restaurant Industry

Despite recent advances in treating and preventing HIV, some workers in the restaurant industry continue to face discrimination in their workplaces thanks to the spread of misinformation and fear.
Matthew Zuras