Hunter and Gatherer: Lobster Luke

Instead of paying nearly $40 per pound for California spiny lobster, Luke "Lobster Luke" Sandburg braves the dark waters off the California coast and catches those bad boys himself.
Luke Sandburg

Fracking for Scallops off of Southern California's Oil Rigs

"The conditions aren't always ideal and divers have been swept off to sea at the rigs in the past."
Clarissa Wei

This Is What 340-Year-Old Shipwrecked Cheese Smells Like

The tin containing “dairy product, butter, or cheese” was found in a 17th-century shipwreck off the coast of Sweden last week.
Phoebe Hurst

NFL Player Bitten by Shark While Participating in Florida's Insane Lobster Hunt

"I was sticking my hand in a hole and a monster locked on me."
Alex Swerdloff

This Free-Diving Wonder Woman Kills Octopi with Her Bare Teeth

Kimi Werner is a Hawaiian wonder woman/goddess living everybody’s dream life, eating fresh seafood every day that she catches herself and getting paid to surf. We spoke with her to find out how that feels like.
Javier Cabral
Northern California

Abalone Diving Nearly Made Me a Widow

Divers, both inexperienced and expert, flock to California's oceans in hopes of scoring some buttery abalone for dinner. The problem is—some don't make it back up alive.
Dalina Castellanos
restaurant stories

Fire-Breathing and Cliff-Diving Aren't Your Typical Waitressing Duties

I'm a cliff-diving performer at Denver's indescribably crazy restaurant Casa Bonita. This is what my daily grind is like at one of the strangest service jobs out there.
Melissa Moonie

Hunter and Gatherer: Uni Diver

In our new series Hunter and Gatherer, MUNCHIES joins Stephanie Mutz, a Santa Barbara sea urchin diver as she dives deep for California gold.
Stephanie Mutz

Diving for Salty Gold in California

Stephanie Mutz is California’s only female sea urchin diver who supplies fresh uni to some of LA’s top restaurants like a drug dealer. She hunts for it in Santa Barbara, a product that has earned the name “California gold” for it’s insanely luscious...
Hillary Eaton

MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca - Part 5

In our final installment of the MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca, Daniel heads to coast and meets a group of freestyle divers—who fish for lobsters, oysters, and scallops with basic tools and a lot of guts—then eat a fresh sea-to-table dinner.
Daniel Hernandez