The Beauty of the British Hospital Canteen

Despite funding cuts and back door privatization, the NHS is still Britain’s greatest achievement. And where better to taste that founding spirit of care and social justice than in its communal dining spaces?
Nell Frizzel

Why Australians Are Coming Down with Scurvy

A dozen patients at a Sydney hospital were recently found to be suffering from scurvy—a condition more usually associated with 18th-century sailors.
Phoebe Hurst

A Free Meal From a Drug Company Can Determine What a Doctor Prescribes You

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch… but what if what you’re offering in return for a sandwich or plate of pasta is the fate of a medical patient?
Gigen Mammoser

How Cotton Candy Machines Will Soon Save Lives

Cotton candy may save your life. Or, to be more specific, it is the machine that makes cotton candy that is the life-saver.
Alex Swerdloff

Your Diet is Making You Smell Weird

It's all true: You are what you eat. And depending on the kinds of food you consume, you can come up smelling like a rose—or like a pile of garbage.
Hilary Pollack

You Can Probably Stop Stressing About Whether You’re Drinking Enough Water

That whole eight glasses of water thing is a myth. New recommendations are saying that you need way less—and it doesn't have to be in the form of pure H2O.
Hilary Pollack

An Apple a Day Doesn't Do Shit

An actual study published by an esteemed medical journal has concluded that your daily Red Delicious does not, in fact, keep the doctor away.
Munchies Staff

A Pennsylvania Nurse Worked a Surgery While Totally Wasted

When he was called in for an emergency appendectomy just before midnight, nurse Richard Pieri made it in to work, alright—but not before stumbling through the parking lot in a state of total drunkenness and struggling to log into his work’s basic...
Hilary Pollack

Growing Vegetables In Your Body Cavities Is All the Rage

As kids, many of us were warned not to eat apple seeds or cherry pits for fear that we’d wake up one day to find a tree clawing its way out of our stomachs, <i>Alien</i>-style. For an unfortunate few, there may have been something to those urban...
Hilary Pollack
hospital food

RIP UK Hospital Food As We Know It (Hopefully)

Will Britain's health secretary Jeremy Hunt's new, legally-binding measures really change the piss-poor state of food in NHS hospitals?
Eleanor Morgan
Adult behavior

You Can Stop Arguing with Your Partner If You Feed Them

A recent study found that married couples have more resentment towards one another when their blood sugar is low. Whenever you start squabbling with your better half, just throw them a snack.
Eleanor Morgan
Road to immortality

You'll Die Young If You Only Eat Your Five-a-Day

Forget the old five-a-day mantra. Scientists now say we should eat seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But is that even possible?
Eleanor Morgan