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Embrace Your Inner Jackson Pollock and Use Carrot Tops for a Better Pizza

Why not combine this pesto with that other great blank canvas of Italian cuisine?
Munchies Staff
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How to Make the Best Garlic Knots of Your Life

For those of us who simply love the challenge of going DIY—or don’t happen to live within walking distance of a great New York pizza spot—making garlic knots at home couldn’t be simpler.
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Neapolitan Pizza Chefs Think Pizza-Spinning Is Tacky

While some say it improves rise and texture, many Neapolitan pizza chefs see pizza-spinning, the skilled tossing of raw dough, as unnecessary freestyling. “It is like when a football player is good at freestyle but not the match," says one.
Gareth May

Italy Wants the UN to Recognize Its Pizza as a "Cultural Heritage"

The Italian government is submitting Neapolitan pizza to this year’s UNESCO cultural heritage list, attempting to distinguish it once and for all from Domino’s’ Frankenpizza creations.
Phoebe Hurst
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The US Military Has Created Pizza That Stays Edible for Three Years

Reheated pizzas are hardly fine dining, but for men and women in the armed forces, it’s a big deal.
Nick Rose
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Paczki Day Is a Celebration of Fried Dough and Booze

Paczki is Poland’s richer cousin of the jelly donut, eaten on Fat Tuesday and always with copious amounts of beer. In the Michigan town of Hamtramck, some shadier characters even head to the bar bathrooms to powder up a cocaine paczki.
Tom Perkins

Naples's Best Pizza Maker Is Loved and Hated for Good Reason

Gino Sorbillo is considered Naples's best Neopolitan pizza maker, but between run-ins with the local mafia, a restaurant fire, and an influx of tourism, his road to success hasn't been easy.
Alberto Mucci

Stop Ordering Pizzas Online and Make These at Home Instead

You can make a pizza as wild as your most recent fever dream, and you can do it without leaving your apartment.
Sydney Kramer
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Yes, People Have Died from Eating Raw Cookie Dough

After the years-long, agonizing death of a Las Vegan woman who contracted E. coli from eating raw cookie dough, it might be time to admit that maybe it's just not a good idea.
Hilary Pollack

These Danish Chefs Just Made Italian Pizza Even Better

Bæst restaurant in Copenhagen is shaking up the geographical notion of the world's best pizza with their wildcard dough. Their crew doesn't want you to half-bake frozen pizzas anymore, so here's a visual guide to making their pies at home without...
Munchies Staff

Edible Chanukah Candles

The great thing about these edible candles is that they're ready in just a couple of minutes and can easily be customized with whatever fillings and spreads you like most.
Marc Salem

Focaccia Bread

Press your meat between two slices of this crunchy, chewy bread.
Julia Ziegler-Haynes