Mom Arrested After Allegedly Sneaking Booze into Movies via Her Kid's Sippy Cup

Getting a babysitter is probably cheaper than charges of misdemeanor reckless conduct and public intoxication.
Jelisa Castrodale

'Spit or Swallow' Beer Coasters in Welcome Package Upset UK University Students

Brushbox caught flak for the ill-conceived promo material featuring toothpaste foam suggestively dripping from a woman's mouth.
Jelisa Castrodale
Restaurant Confessionals

How to Treat Your Bartender Friends, According to Your Bartender Friends

“Please don’t put my full name in this—I’m about to tell you how much alcohol I give away.”
Ian Burke
sour grapes

A Desperate Plea for Everyone I Know to Stop Hoarding Old Jars

In this edition of Sour Grapes, we explore the phenomenon of people who feel the need to save and drink out of crusty spaghetti sauce jars.
Chason Gordon

Booze Brands Are Making Low-Alcohol Drinks So Millennials Won't Embarrass Themselves

Young people want to get drunk without ending up a casualty of their friends' Instagram stories.
Hilary Pollack

I Drank for Five Straight Days to See Which Hangover Cures Work

Dispatches from the world's most insane cocktail festival.
Natalie B. Compton

The Joy of Not-So-Secretly Drinking on Russian Trains

In vodka-soaked Russia, a calamity has taken place: Booze is banned on the trains. But that doesn't mean passengers and crew aren't drinking.
Dave Hazzan
the hangover show

How to Make Your Apartment Hangover-Proof

We asked Cara Nicoletti, the host of 'The Hangover Show,' for all her secrets.
Munchies Staff

You Can Now Buy Special Water Just for Mixing with Whiskey

Old Limestone's creators say that you can definitely taste the difference.
Gillie Houston
On Edge

Drinking More Because of the Insane News Cycle? You're Not Alone

"Headline distress disorder" is real—and it's making many of us self-prescribe alcohol.
Allie Volpe
chain restaurants

Drunk Dude Makes Own Cheesesteak at Empty Waffle House

“I knew that delicious Texas bacon cheesesteak melt was just a few feet away, so I took spatula in hand and made it happen.”
Nick Rose

I Was Insane Until I Started Drinking Broth

Being a manic chef ended up making me physically ill. I was stressed, overweight, depressed, and I felt like shit all the time. When I started drinking broth, I realized it was not only delicious and great to sip on, but also really healing.
Marco Canora