Restaurant Confessionals

Why You Should Never Break Up with Someone at a Bar

If you bartend for long enough, you'll see a lot of weird, dramatic breakups, like women pulling out each other's weaves over Facebook "likes."

Obviously, A Guy Wearing a 'Hold My Beer' T-Shirt Was Arrested for a DUI

The youth of America continue to lead by example in both fashion and irony.
Jelisa Castrodale
Restaurant Confessionals

Bartending at Christmas Means Watching People Lose Their Minds and Cleaning Up Barf

"The man had half a pint left in his glass so he downed it, but proceeded to throw up into his glass. The bartender told the man that he really had to get out. In response, the man downed the glass of sick and then left."
Restaurant Confessionals

Working at a Bar During SantaCon Means Dealing with Lots of Puking Santas

It's a day filled with bathroom sex, street fights, and lots of vomit. Ho ho ho!

A Brief History of Drunken British Sailors

Until July 31, 1970, bracingly strong overproof rum was a vital part of the fabric of the British Navy—rationed, used as a currency, and a veritable way of life.
Harry Sword
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Sober Bartender Always Helps Me Remember You Being an Asshole

Alcohol gives some male customers the courage to say the nastiest things.

Scientists Are Studying Your Drunken Tweets and They Know Where You Are

Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed algorithms that can detect drunk tweets and geo-locate the users who wrote them.
Wyatt Marshall

This Australian Bar Is Accused of Having an “Antisocial” Wine List

While you can certainly overindulge in any alcoholic beverage—and wine will make you pay for it with a mean hangover—wine bars aren’t exactly known for rowdy behavior. Most people don’t go down to the wine bar to rip shots and get into fistfights.
Wyatt Marshall

British Grandmothers Are Always Drunk on Airplanes

According to recent poll of 1,000 Brits, women over the age of 65 drink way more than anyone else before stepping foot on a plane.
Munchies Staff

This Salty, Funky Condiment Is the Last Edible Artifact of True Victorian Excess

The Gentleman's Relish has always been more than just a condiment: It's a relic of colonial decadence and the faded prevalence of public drunkenness in Britain.
Harry Sword
music festival

How It Feels to Cook at Coachella and Serve a Bunch of Wasted Kids

Coachella's recent drive to amp up the culinary offerings at the music festival presents an awesome opportunity for experimentation. The only problem is that everyone's on drugs.
Alvin Cailan

This Could Be Why You're Painfully Sober After a One-Night Stand

Researchers in Australia have found that it's way harder to be a drunk idiot if you're all jacked up on hormones—namely, oxytocin: "the cuddle chemical."
Munchies Staff