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18 Christmas Recipes Because Face It, Not All of Your Family's Classics Were Good

Maybe it's time to start some holiday traditions of your own.
Munchies Staff
13 hours ago

Turducken Dim Sims Recipe

Turducken, simplified.

Duck with Tomato and Ground Cherry Korma Recipe

Don't like duck? Chicken or fish would work just as well with this rich and flavorful dish.
Sujan Sarkar
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This Easy Summer Grill Out Is Worthy of a Michelin Star

What we really learned from Luksus chef Daniel Burns is how to improvise and keep things fresh—feel free to substitute herbs and vegetables for fresher stuff found in your garden or grocery store.
Nick Rose

Inside the Most Duck-Obsessed City in China

If you're looking for duck, the Chinese city of Nanjing has it all: duck gizzard, roasted duck, cured duck, duck blood, and even salted duck.
Clarissa Wei

The World's First Lab-Grown Chicken Finger Was Just Unveiled

In addition to the chicken strips and duck à l'orange, Memphis Meats plans to launch several poultry products playing off "classic American staples.”
Alex Swerdloff

Quickies: How to Turn Pantry Staples into a Thai Stir-Fry Masterpiece

Andy Oliver, chef and co-owner of top London Thai spot Som Saa, shares his 30-minute recipe for stir-fried duck with holy basil and chilies.
Daisy Meager

French Foie Gras Exports Halted Due to Bird Flu

Sadly, for the libertines who have no moral opposition to shoving food into the bellies of birds with a long, metal tube, things aren’t getting better for the foie gras industry.
Nick Rose
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This Duck and Pancetta Dish from Mario Batali Is a Meat Masterpiece

On the latest episode of MOLTISSIMO, Mario Batali invents a dish that uses pancetta, Italian sausage, and duck liver—all wrapped into a duck breast, of course.
Munchies Staff

Stir-Fried Duck with Basil

A quick flash in the pan for some duck, along with a fragrant sauce and loads of chilies, and we've got your new favorite simple weeknight meal.
Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie
New Orleans

How a New Orleans Vampire and a Cajun Chef Made Blood Sausage Together

Self-proclaimed vampire Belfazaar Ashantison met with New Orleans chef Isaac Toups to learn about the intricacies of cooking with blood and partake in some together.
Phil McCausland
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Make Mario Batali's Duck and Tortelli from the New Episode of MOLTISSIMO

Here are the recipes for that Batali serves the Saturday Night Live crew: a super-decadent duck dish and perfect comfort-food tortelli with potato and chives.
Munchies Staff