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Growing Up in a Zen Kitchen Taught Me to Love Waste

Japanese Buddhism emphasizes asceticism, and if that virtue were to be judged through what we cooked, then leftover casserole could not be a more perfect meal. As for all the melted cheese—well, even Zen students need to be permitted certain...
Gigen Mammoser

French Supermarkets Are Now Required to Donate Unsold Food to Charity

Supermarkets in France have poured bleach on food in the past or stored it in locked warehouses to keep away dumpster-divers, purportedly to prevent foragers from contracting food poisoning after eating the discarded food.
Wyatt Marshall

The Internet Is Clamoring for These Ham Sandwiches Found in a Dumpster

The frugal users of internet community Oh Yes It’s Free Hong Kong went apeshit over a bunch of expired sandwiches left in a trash heap, and the media followed.
Alex Swerdloff
food waste

These UK Cafes Serve Delicious Casseroles Straight from the Garbage

For many of us, British cuisine is defined by such hearty pub fare as roast beef, shepherd’s pie and chip buttys. But one Leeds native is bringing something new to England’s tables: one hundred percent salvaged foods.
Lauren Rothman

We Asked Dumpster Divers About a Plan to Sell Expired Food

If you've ever worked in a US supermarket you may be psychologically unable to comprehend the concept of a global hunger problem. Perfectly good food is thrown away constantly for silly reasons, like blemishes on fruits and vegetables, or...
Jarrod Shanahan