How Dutch Edam Became a Christmas Tradition in the Philippines

Designed to last on long trade route voyages, Edam spread and became popular from Asia to South America.
Bettina Makalintal

Meet the Netherlands' Biggest Pineapple Obsessive

I met up with Prins Ananas, a.k.a. Lex Boon, about his long-running pineapple research project that has culminated with him becoming a pineapple trader himself.
Felicia Alberding
Sea lamprey

The Sea Lamprey Society Gathered to Eat the Most Gruesome Animal in History

The sea lamprey is a blood-sucking sea creature that hasn't changed in 5 millions years. Recently, I sat down with a group of Dutch sea lamprey enthusiasts who decided to celebrate this nightmare critter by making a meal out of it.
Ewout Lowie

Making Soup with Sex Trafficking Survivors in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Dignita is an Amsterdam restaurant that runs culinary training programs to rehabilitate those forced into the Dutch sex industry. “We have a great time here, we already start laughing when we walk in,” says trainee Inès.
Shanna F. Jones

This London Picklemaker Turns Slimy Vegetables into Bourbon-Fermented Fries

“You can pickle anything,” says Freddie Janssen, author of a new cookbook on fermenting vegetables—occasionally in bourbon and then deep-fried. “It makes something like okra, which people think of as slimy, really fucking crunchy and lovely.”
Nell Frizzell

This Chef Is Trying to Turn Food Into Museum Artwork

Chef Jasper Udink ten Cate is turning beaches into food and beef carpaccio into camouflage. We spoke to the chef about why he wants his cuisine to end up at the MoMa.
Felicia Alberding

This Dutch Family Has Been Pickling Vegetables Longer Than You

For hundreds of years, pickled fruits and vegetables have been staples of harsh, Dutch winters and bitter springtime. One family has managed to out-pickle their competition with this secret recipe.
Cristiana Terwilliger
Restaurant Confessionals

It’s Hard to Enjoy Going Out to Dinner When You’re a Chef

I don't think of myself as a demanding person, but since I work in a kitchen, I simply know the way certain things need to be prepared. If I don't think something tastes good at a restaurant, I’ll let them know. I’m paying for it, right?

Shrimp Fishing Is Better When Horses Are Involved

One Belgian beach town is the only place left in the world where fishermen are still using an ancient technique that includes giant horses and woven baskets to catch shrimp. I spent a day with some of the youngest fishermen preserving these traditions.
Stefanie Staelens

These Brewers Are Turning Films into Beer

Two Dutch filmmakers have decided to turn cult classics like <i>Pulp Fiction</i> and <i>The Big Lebowski</i> into hoppy beers that even The Dude would abide.
Cristiana Terwilliger
the netherlands

This Butcher Cuddles With His Pigs Before He Kills Them

Most butchers prefer their pigs dead when they enter the shop. But one Dutch butcher likes to take his live pigs to the beach before turning them into cutlets.
Frans Blokhuis

Juvenile Delinquents Are Trading Crime for Coffee at This Rotterdam Cafe

In Rotterdam, a new cafe is helping young men turn away from lives of crime by giving them jobs roasting and serving coffee. But this ain't charity—they're making legitimately great coffee.
Frans Blokhuis