East London


Three-Chili Squid

Combine an ancho chili mayo with fresh red chili salad and house-made chipotle oil for a spicy grilled squid dish you can even make while hungover.
Gabriel Pryce
Iranian food

How I Finally Learned to Cook Iranian Food in Time for Persian New Year

Iranians celebrate New Year—Nowruz—on the day of the vernal equinox. Remembering the Persian dishes so loved by my Iranian dad (and spurned by my proudly Turkish Cypriot mum), I asked British Iranian cook Yasmin Khan to help me to prepare a Nowruz feast.
Sirin Kale

These Grain-Obsessed Chefs Want You to Eat Rice with Everything

Nuno Mendes protégées Zijun Meng and Ana Gonçalves of Chinese-inspired restaurant Curio + Cabal in East London are rice crazy. “It’s just a little bouncy thing that goes with everything,” says Gonçalves.
Daisy Meager

Inside the Wine Bar That Feels Like Your Friend's Kitchen

“People will constantly just walk into the ‘kitchen’ and chat to the chef,” says Phil Bracey of P. Franco, a casual wine bar and shop in Clapton. ”It feels like our house.”
Chloe Sachdev

Meet the London Chef Staying Up All Night to Make Perfect Texan Brisket

Inspired by his time cooking alongside Austin pitmasters, Josh Ebsworth stays awake for hours to tend to the brisket in his ten-foot, custom-built meat smoker.
Morgan Harries

What It’s Like to Quit Your Indie Band and Become a Restaurateur

Having fronted Hope of the States (a mid-noughties band that disbanded after two albums) and lost “a lot of money for a lot of people,” Sam Herlihy has opened a restaurant in London.
Tom Jenkins
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Steak Pie and Chips at One of the Oldest Cafes in London's East End

Arthur’s is a classic East End cafe, preserved, if you will, in corned beef jelly. “I do things like stewing steak with boiled peas,” says the eponymous Arthur Woodham, now in his 76th year of service at the cafe. “You don’t get many cafes doing that...
Natalie Hardwick

A Seven-Course Dinner with a Gang of Rogue Australian Winemakers

When London's Typing Room restaurant invited some New Wave Aussie wine producers to showcase their best vino, the evening started with weird berries and ended with a ménage à trois.
Daisy Meager
East London

This Book Tells You Everywhere You Need to Eat in East London

Compiling recipes and anecdotes from Michelin-starred restaurants to local cafes and Turkish joints, East London Food by Rosie Birkett celebrates the area’s diverse dining scene.
Nell Frizzell

This London Chef Is Taking Turkish Food Beyond the Kebab Shop

On a quiet street corner in Shoreditch, chef Selin Kiazim’s restaurant is ridding Turkish food of its greasy kebab shop reputation, one octopus pide at a time.
Suze Olbrich

Inside the All-Female Bakery Helping London’s Homeless Women

Luminary bakery trains disadvantaged women in baking and food hygiene. “There needs to be opportunities for women to feel safe if they have experienced domestic violence or sexual exploitation,” says founder Alice Boyle.
Simran Hans
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Proper Tea at a London Coffee Stall that Survived the Blitz

Opened in 1919, Syd’s Coffee Stall in Shoreditch has survived the bombing of the East End in World War Two—as well as recent gentrification of the area—to continue proudly serving the “best tea in London.”
Daisy Meager