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NYC Dive Bar Says It Will Kick Out Anyone Who Uses the Word 'Literally'

This is, like, literally discrimination.
Mayukh Sen

New York City Hat Shop Haunted by the Odor of Rotting Cheese

"The smell of cheese is seeping into my hat shop," says Julia Knox, owner of East Village Hats.
Mayukh Sen

Pinoy-Style Ribs

No need for a fancy oven. These Filipino-style ribs are stupid-simple and mouth-meltingly tender.
Miguel Trinidad
New York

A NY Mexican Spot Got Busted For Serving Booze to Almost 50 Teenagers in One Night

Cops raided the East Village bar Dahlia’s on January 30 after receiving a call complaining about underage drinking, and when they arrived they found 43 teenagers under the age of 18 throwing back margaritas and mojitos.
Wyatt Marshall
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Dirty Work: Marinated Japanese Eggplants with Homemade Ricotta from Bobby Hellen of GG's

Bobby Hellen is the chef at Manhattan pizza and small plates spot GG's and he's no stranger to urban gardens. His restaurant's own backyard garden might rival ours, but he stopped by and created some dishes we couldn't come up with in a million years.
Munchies Staff

This Sandwich Shop Is a Front for a Weird, Wonderful Food Lab

Behind its shelves stocked with expensive dried pastas, small-batch jams, and very handsome sardine tins, Harry & Ida's hides a fermentation lab spearheaded by chef Will Horowitz, who pickles cattails and smokes frog legs, among many other edible...
Marguerite Preston

Milk Bar's Christina Tosi Doesn't Want to Be Bossy

In an ideal world, I don't want to be a boss; I like to lead and be in charge, but I don't want to be “bossy!” But the reality of the situation is that sometimes you have to lay down the law—and the way I do it involves a sense of humor!
Christina Tosi
Mexican Food

The Best Mexican Grocery Stores Are Usually Hidden

I'm a huge fan of secret grocery stores, piñatas, and Mexican food, which I was convinced didn't exist until reality recently proved me wrong. My friend, Mars Ostarello, guided me through a secret Mexican grocery store tucked inside of a deli.
Ashok Kondabolu
Ozersky files

The Painful Exile to Brooklyn

I don't believe that anyone moves to Brooklyn who can avoid it, and my current condition hasn't done anything to change my mind. I don't give a shit about whether a neighborhood has "character"; I want more than one decent...
Josh Ozersky

Chef's Night Out: Jeepney

We visit Jeepney, the bustling restaurant in New York City's East Village, to learn what Filipino cuisine is all about. Then we hit the town with head chef and owner, Miguel Trinidad, and his business partners, Nicole Ponseca and Tomas De Los Reyes.
Munchies Staff

Chef's Night Out: Josh Ozersky

This is the first Munchies episode featuring a food writer. Sure, we have had food personalties who write, but Josh Ozersky is different.
Munchies Staff