Eastern Europe


Heineken Could Be Banned in Hungary for Use of Red Star in Logo

The Eastern European nation hopes to eradicate the usage of communist iconography and Nazi symbology, including the swastika and the red star.
Charley Lanyon
Restaurant Confessionals

Brexit Has Made It Even Worse to Be an Eastern European Waitress

The Eastern European girls never got a chance to do anything other than take drinks orders, which we were told to do wearing nice dresses and high heels.

Meet the Chef Teaching Estonians to Dine for Pleasure

Chef Tõnis Siigur of Tallinn’s celebrated NOA restaurant sees it as his job to help Estonian diners enjoy food as form of entertainment—a very un-Soviet concept for a country that left communism just 25 years ago.
Merlin Jobst
Fast Food

Horse Burgers Could Be on the Menu at Kazakhstan's First McDonald's

Horsemeat is very popular in Kazakhstan, a country filled with steppes and flatlands where horses have been essential to long-distance travel throughout its history.
Wyatt Marshall

This Ukrainian Cookbook Is Part Family History, Part Dumpling Heaven

“Cookbooks don’t have to be about recipes from a chef,” says Olia Hercules, author of Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine & Beyond. “I like recipes because of the stories they might tell about a culture and all these things our grandmothers used to make.”
Johanna Derry

Caviar Trafficking Has Landed in Missouri

Warsaw, Missouri—the self-proclaimed paddlefish capital of the world—is now the unlikely epicenter of a black market caviar hub as Caspian sturgeon has become critically endangered.
Maria Vanta