This Chocolate Collective Is Giving Families Hope in the Amazon Rainforest

Kallari, an Ecuadorian chocolate collective owned by cacao-producing families in the Amazon rainforest, offers a sustainable alternative in an area where the environment is often exploited.
Clarissa Wei

This Amazonian Super Tea Will Help You Interpret Your Dreams

The Kichwas of the Amazon drink tea made from a plant known as guayasa, packed with caffeine and antioxidants, to help them understand their visions and protect them from pests.
Clarissa Wei

Inside the Food Forests of the Amazon Rainforest

Nearly all Kichwa families have their own chacra, a garden that serves as a source of food and medicine.
Clarissa Wei

What The World’s Most Spiritual Cowboys Eat

Ecuador’s Chagras have a culture entirely their own, adapted to the native culture of the Ecuadorian Andes. And with this life comes a unique culinary culture, where natural resources are the name of the game.
Michaela Trimble

In South America, Ceviche Is About More Than Just Fish

The iconic dish, originally based on seafood and citrus, can be found all up and down the continent. But some restaurants are swapping out fish for vegetables, soy, and alligator.
Aaron Kase

The Real Cost of Chocolate Is More Than You Think

With a price tag of $270 for just 50 grams, To'ak is one of the world's most expensive chocolates, and yet its founders don't even have the luxury of indulging in their own product.
Melissa Kitson
Middle Eastern food

How Ecuador Fell in Love with Shawarma

Ecuador's relatively lax immigration policy continues to make it an attractive destination for people from the Middle East, and they're bringing their food traditions with them.
Melissa Kitson
daily vice

Get Your Dose of MUNCHIES on the Latest Daily VICE

Today on Daily VICE, associate editor Hilary Pollack discusses a story about the shrimp farms of coastal Ecuador, where El Niño threatens to wreak havoc.
Munchies Staff

Who Sent Julian Assange a Mysterious Texas BBQ Pizza?

Shortly after the announcement that the Metropolitan Police Service in London would stop its 24/7 monitoring of the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange is in asylum, a claim appeared on Twitter stating that Assange had ordered a bit of pizza—perhaps to...
Alex Swerdloff
guinea pig

Somebody Called the Cops on a Man Roasting a Guinea Pig in a NYC Park

This past weekend, an Ecuadoran man had a run-in with the NYPD after an onlooker believed him to be abusing a squirrel. Instead, he was simply grilling up some guinea pig for a snack.
Munchies Staff
korean food

Spreading the Kimchi and K-Drama Gospel in Ecuador

At the Gran K restaurant in Quito, Ecuador, Señora Choi Choon-Ja is using bibimbap and episodes of <i>Boys Over Flowers</i> to tap into the Korean wave, or hallyu, that's been sweeping Latin America.
Megan Alpert

Look for the Lucky Bone When Eating a Guinea Pig Head

Despite owning several pet guinea pigs during my childhood, I couldn't help but be curious about trying their meat when I came face-to-face with Andean <i>cuy.</i>
Matthew Sedacca