The Only Way to Preserve Eels Is to Eat Them All

I joined the few remaining fishermen who are hoping to give the eel population in the Netherlands a helping hand.
Bram Esser

Road Covered In Slime After Truck Carrying 7,500 Pounds of Eels Overturns

Nearly four tons of these hideous creatures turned the highway into a scene from Ghostbusters.
Jelisa Castrodale

Men Busted for Trying To Sell $500,000 Worth Of Stolen Eels on a Street Corner

Who's going to play these three gonzo crooks in the blockbuster film chronicling how they stole a half-million bucks worth of frozen eels in New Jersey and then tried to sell them on a corner in Brooklyn?
Wyatt Marshall

This Sandwich Shop Is a Front for a Weird, Wonderful Food Lab

Behind its shelves stocked with expensive dried pastas, small-batch jams, and very handsome sardine tins, Harry & Ida's hides a fermentation lab spearheaded by chef Will Horowitz, who pickles cattails and smokes frog legs, among many other edible...
Marguerite Preston

Eels Are the Slippery Link Between Japanese and British Cuisine

“Eels are rich in vitamins and give us energy to fight against the heat and last the summer,” says chef Junya Yamasaki as he and James Lowe prepare to cook a dinner that celebrates the fish’s place in British and Japanese cuisine.
Gareth May

London's Dining Scene Is Killing Off Jellied Eel Shops

Jellied eels have long been an emblem of London's working class cuisine at pie and mash shops—but now they're being replaced by hip restaurants that threaten to put them out of business for good. Apparently, jelly is so last century.
Maya Oppenheim