British Man Petitions to Drink 2,000-Year-Old 'Red Liquid' from Opened Egyptian Sarcophagus

Obviously, we should be allowed to can, carbonate and ultimately chug Egypt’s oldest bone broth.
Jelisa Castrodale
Fast Food Week

With Few Healthy Options, Egyptians Often Turn to Fast Food

Egypt has the highest rate of adult obesity in the world, and on-demand delivery by both Western fast food chains and local alternatives is only adding to the epidemic.
Edmund Bower

Delivering Bread in Cairo Is a Balance of Life and Death

The handmade bread known as aish baladi is Egyptian staple. In Cairo, its ubiquity is made possible by the network of agalati—bread carriers—who risk their safety to deliver bread to restaurants, ful carts, and street stands.
Lorena Rios
Eid al Adha

Despite High Meat Prices, Cairo's Streets Still Run Red on Eid

During Eid al-Adha, freelance butchers spring up on every street and slit the throats of cows, goats, and sheep with production-line efficiency. But this year the butchers are also figures of resentment among Egyptians, thanks to sky-high meat prices.
Edmund Bower

Drinking Alcohol Is Always an Open Secret in Egypt

Egypt has been brewing beer for 3,000 years, but the highly religious country still has an under-the-table relationship with alcohol. Even some members of the Muslim Brotherhood buy booze on the down-low.
Lorena Rios

Paris's Falafel Rivalry Is a Full-Blown Food War

A ruthless battle is being fought in plain sight: Who, between L’As du Fallafel or Mi-Va-Mi, is the best dealer of chickpea patties in Paris—or should we say, the world?
Sarah Koskievic

That EgyptAir Flight Let a Fake Bomb on Board but Took This Man's Frozen Chicken

Sadly for the man, the bird was found by security officials in Cyprus after the hijacker was in custody and the plane was readying to return to Cairo.
Alex Swerdloff

Farming Fish and Lettuce in the Egyptian Desert

Against the odds, one Egyptian farm is attempting to grow fish and produce in the Sahara—but is this a real oasis or just a mirage?
Edmund Bower

The Cairo Chef Who Helped Feed a Revolution

In a tiny alley in downtown Cairo sits Fas'hat Somaya, a small restaurant that's open a mere three hours a day. You'd never guess that its chef honed her skills by cooking for protesters on the front lines of the Egyptian Revolution.
Max Siegelbaum
best of 2015

The Terrible Ways That Humans Fucked Up Food This Year

Even the world of food can't escape humanity's penchant for violence, exploitation, and straight-up evil.
Munchies Staff

The Refugee Restaurants of Cairo

Just outside Cairo is a neighborhood known as Little Damascus, filled with refugees who fled Syria after the outbreak of civil war in 2011.
Edmund Bower

Tinned Sweetcorn and Chocolate Biscuits Are Helping Calais Migrants Feel Human

While many at “The Jungle” migrant camp in Calais rely on meals provided by French authorities, Sudanese refugee Saif cooks with donated British food. “We need to survive by eating as we wait for good news,” he says.
Mari Shibata