Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Professional Pizza Taster?

There's finally an opening for what might just be the most desirable occupation in the world.
Nick Rose

This Is How Much You Spend Each Year on Coffee for Your Coworkers

We hope you have a loyalty card.
Phoebe Hurst
Fast Food

How Global Food Prices Led to the Rise of Fast Food

With Western convenience, of course, comes high levels of fat, sugar, and salt.
Nick Rose
Fast Food

There's a Massive Lack of Young People Willing to Work in Fast Food

Americans are getting more and more educated—and that has left a massive deficit of people willing to flip burgers in fast food joints.
Alex Swerdloff

KFC Fired a Manager Who Refused to Hire a Transgender Employee

Last week, Georgia Carter left a Richmond, Virginia KFC happy to have found employment. An hour later, she was fired.
Nick Rose

This University Is Offering a Degree in Pizza

Manchester Metropolitan University has announced that it will be creating 1,500 degree-level apprenticeships in partnership with everyone’s favourite Chicken Supreme and unlimited ice cream-purveyor, Pizza Hut.
Phoebe Hurst

Scientists Say It’s More Stressful to Be a Waiter Than a Neurosurgeon

A new study has found that demanding jobs offering employees little control—step forward weekend brunch server on a 12 hour split-shift—are among the most detrimental to mental and physical health.
Phoebe Hurst
Indian Food

Britain Is Running Out of Indian Chefs

Due to restrictive immigration laws and the retirement of first-generation workers, Britain is facing a South Asian chef shortage that could see a third of its curry houses close.
Phoebe Hurst

What It's Like to Work at a Restaurant Staffed by Deaf People

Extra mirrors, brighter lights, and a "cheat book" for customers. We asked the bartender at Signs, Canada's first restaurant where the entire staff is deaf, what it's like to work there.
Josh Hume

The Kitchen Divides Pakistan's Rich and Poor

When visiting my extended family in Pakistan, I am hyper-aware of the differences between the rich and the poor. Even at home, the classes are separated as young, impoverished men cook meals in sweltering heat for their employers.
Javaria Akbar