I Accidentally Ate the World's Most Illegally Trafficked Animal

If you’re in the market for a truly awful meal sprinkled with guilt and served with a side of sizzling bad karma, as I unfortunately experienced, then pangolin meat is for you. See you in hell.
Anna Hirtenstein
Bluefin Tuna

A Japanese Sushi Tycoon Paid $117,000 for an Endangered Bluefin Tuna

Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain, placed a whopping 14 million yen ($117,000) winning bid on a 440-pound fish, which comes out to about $265 per pound.
Nick Rose

Notes on Eating the World's Largest Living Arthropod

I was on Atafu, an atoll far into the blue nowhere of the South Pacific, when I was offered a taste of the rich, massive coconut crab—which I later found out is endangered.
Alice Driver

A Commercial Fishing Net Just Dumped 75,000 Dead Fish on Virginia’s Shore

Because the beaches are home to the endangered tiger beetle, cleanup crews can’t use heavy equipment, rakes, or shovels, and have to pick up the fish individually and put them into wheelbarrows.
Wyatt Marshall

Chinese Cops Anger Everyone by Eating a Giant Salamander

More than a dozen Chinese police officers have been suspended following an investigation by undercover journalists who infiltrated a lavish dinner that included, among other things, a critically endangered giant salamander.
Munchies Staff

China Can’t Get Enough of Black Market Tiger Bone Wine

Chinese tiger bone wine might not cure eczema, but it could very well impress friends at a fancy dinner party.
Lauren Rothman

Eating Endangered Species Might Be the Best Way to Save Them

A New Zealand businessman and conservationist has developed a solution for helping the critically endangered weka, or Maori hen: turn them into the next high-end delicacy by farming them for food.
Soong Phoon