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The Butt Nut: The Bootylicious Star of the Seychelles’ Ecosystem

From the rear, a coco de mer seed is the fruit equivalent of a belfie. Frontally, it’s a life-size replica of a woman’s reproductive region, including thigh tops, an exposed belly, and a pudendal cleft. It’s the Kim Kardashian of the plant kingdom.
Adam Gollner

Chinese Police Go After 'Pangolin Princess' Who Proudly Eats Endangered Species

This month, the images received new attention and a probe from the State Forestry Administration following the discovery that certain Chinese officials had allegedly been served pangolin at a banquet in 2015.
Gigen Mammoser

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Tracking 35,000 of the World's Fishing Boats

DiCaprio says that the technology, called Global Fishing Watch, will "empower citizens across the globe to become powerful advocates for our oceans."
Alex Swerdloff

Why You Don't Realize That You're Probably Eating Endangered Fish

The problem is not simply a cheaper fish being sold as a more expensive one. Instead, fish that are disappearing from the face of the earth may be on your plate—and slipping down your gullet.
Alex Swerdloff

Andrew Cuomo’s Massive Shark Catch Has Landed Him in Troubled Waters

As for the shark’s fate after it was caught? Chris Cuomo wrote that that they "had a feast!" and that the group "grilled it simply with a little Mediterranean rub. Tasty."
Alex Swerdloff

These 3-D Printed Decoy Turtle Eggs Could Help Take Down Poachers

The Californian conservation group Paso Pacífico plans to plant the GPS-tracked fake eggs, which look like ping pong balls and could be easily picked up by a poacher, during a mass nesting period in Central America this fall.
Wyatt Marshall
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An Asian Grocer's April Fools' Joke About Panda Meat Seriously Backfired

Honestbee wasn’t actually selling panda, minke whale, or tiger meat. The joke, Honestbee now says, was intended to teach its customers a lesson about “wildlife crime” and “illegal wildlife trade.”
Alex Swerdloff
shark fin

New York Is Cracking Down On Shark Fin Traffickers

In a historic legal victory, the state has successfully prosecuted a Brooklyn-based seafood company for selling shark fins, a practice which has been illegal for the last year.
Nick Rose

Chinese Cops Anger Everyone by Eating a Giant Salamander

More than a dozen Chinese police officers have been suspended following an investigation by undercover journalists who infiltrated a lavish dinner that included, among other things, a critically endangered giant salamander.
Munchies Staff

Wealthy Chinese Are Taking Tiger Slaughter Tours

A wealthy Chinese businessman faces 13 years in jail after being caught slaughtering endangered wild tigers, then sharing the spoils—meat, bones, and blood—with a group of 15 high-paying clients. But the gruesome incident is just the latest in a long...
Lauren Rothman