food politics

The Pesticides on Your Produce Are Potentially Dangerous. Why Won't the EPA Ban Them?

Spoiler: it involves lobbyists.
Hannah Keyser

EPA Goes Against Its Own Findings and Rejects Ban on Controversial Pesticide

"The EPA’s own analysis estimated that 1- to 2-year-old children are currently being exposed to levels of chlorpyrifos in their food that are 140 times higher than what the agency deems safe."
Alex Swerdloff

St. Louis Wants the Government Out of Its BBQ

The city's backyard grillers—who are, apparently, very active Twitter users—have stormed the 'net to express their dissatisfaction with an EPA-funded study that aims to reduce emissions produced by charred meat.
Lauren Rothman

Cranberry Bogs Are Serving Up Environmental Destruction

Cranberries embody the very wholesomeness and joy of a holiday spent among family and friends. But the reality of this little red fruit is more insidious.
Lauren Rothman
factory farms

North Carolina’s Black Communities Are Sick of Pig Shit

In North Carolina, environmental groups say factory hog farms' vast lagoons of pig waste are disproportionately affecting poor and minority communities.
Lauren Rothman

Pesticides Are Causing Farmers to Become Suicidally Depressed

As if the dawn-to-dusk hours, the physical toll of work in the fields, the variability of the weather, and the incredibly low net pay weren't enough of a bummer for farmers, new research has linked pesticide use and depression.
Lauren Rothman

Bearded Filter Feeders Are the Future of the Seafood Industry

Chilean sea bass became overfished after celebrity chefs and a famous scene in <i>Jurassic Park</i> placed them on the international food map. But mussels, an often overlooked sea creature, are one of the most sustainable seafood options that are...
Paul Greenberg