Pizza Hut Hopes to Capitalize on Internet's Sudden Interest in Bigfoot Porn

Spoiler alert: It’s awkward.
Ian Burke

The Nutcracker: An Erotic Fairytale

In bed with the nutcracker, thoughts danced through Marie's head: "This is wrong. This can't be real. Will I get splinters?"
Lynn Hubbard

This Gingerbread Man Erotica Is the Spiciest We've Ever Read

Abiding by the internet decree known as Rule 34, gingerbread erotica does exist. We caught up with adult romance author Lynn Hubbard to find out more about her tale of spicy, sugary passion.
Hilary Pollack

The Perfect (Gingerbread) Man

This recipe from adult romance author Lynn Hubbard yields 12 spicy gingerbread men to make your holiday a very happy one.
Lynn Hubbard

Juicy, Wet Nachos Are the Only Kind I’ll Put in My Mouth

On a recent afternoon, I drank pissy beer and listened to a plate of nachos. I brought one chip to my lip, rimming her edges with my tongue. Using my teeth as a lever, I pulled down. I could feel her body stiffen, then bend and grow taut. And then I...
Joshua David Stein
food porn

Fast Food Porn Is Packed with Sexual Latency

There’s something rather natural about seeing a weiner dutifully placed inside a tight warm bun.
Jimmy Chen
food porn

An Erotic Encounter with an Egg Sandwich

It’s a filthy thing, a deli breakfast sandwich. But I defy you to admit that you are not tempted by the flesh-colored roll peeking from the loosely closed foil, or the virginal white paper sheath, the stench of desire emanating from the sandwich.
Joshua David Stein
food porn

My Doritos Locos Taco Gave Me a Boner

Months before it came inside my mouth, the flavor powder of my Doritos Locos taco lay in a 50 pound bag of chemical funk inside a Frito Lay factory in Killingly, CT.
Joshua David Stein