We Asked 7 Expats What Shocked Them Most About Food in Italy

A waiter who refused to take an order for pizza with bananas, and Tuscan bread that just isn't as good as French bread.
Leon Benz

Brunch in the UAE Is the Most Gluttonous Meal You Will Ever Eat

Gold-plated tiramisu, a mojito bar, a whole roasted suckling pig: Hidden in this desert is an oasis of caviar and vice.
Hannah Walhout
The caribbean

This Pizza Delivery Boat Is Taking New York Slices to the High Seas

Hungry for pizza, but stranded on a boat in the US Virgin Islands? No problem—just take your dinghy down to Pizza Pi, the first serious slicery on the Caribbean seas.
Hilary Pollack

Thanksgiving Is Becoming a Major Event in Hanoi

Four decades after the Vietnam war, Thanksgiving is becoming popular in Hanoi. Recreating traditional Thanksgiving dishes, however, requires resourcefulness and patience, but can result in some pretty unique interpretations.
Elisabeth Rosen and Lucy Sexton
Hong Kong

I Ate Steak at an Underground Fight Club with Hong Kong’s Elite

I ate dry-aged steak at an an underground, illegal, bare-knuckle fight club dinner, where the worst (and richest) expats in Hong Kong were thirsty for blood and strippers.
Charley Lanyon

Expat Hipsters Are Taking Over Taiwan’s Craft Beer Scene

I came to Taiwan to brew my craft beers with locals, but I was blown away by the amount of expat hipsters—the driving force behind Taipei’s craft beer scene.
Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø