We’re Not 'Female Chefs,' Just Chefs

Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn shares her thoughts on Tom Kerridge's recent remarks that women might not have what it takes to run a kitchen and thrive as a professional chef.
Dominique Crenn

Apparently Men’s Brains Are Hardwired to Choose Sex Over Food

Studying the brain cells of nematode worms, researchers from University College London concluded that neurons in male brains may be programmed to prioritise sex over the desire to eat food.
Phoebe Hurst

Women Are Getting Served the Wrong Drinks Because We Still Think Beer Is for Guys

According to a new study from AB Inbev, nearly half of women feel that beer is still perceived as a “man’s drink,” with 20 percent saying they had been given the wrong drink in bars.
Phoebe Hurst

Female Viagra Ice Cream Is a Food-Sex Combo Nobody Asked For

Everyone likes ice cream and sex—what’s not to like? So goes the thinking of the British company behind aphrodisiac-spiked dessert, Vice Cream.
Alice Tate

Britain’s Real Ale Industry Can’t Deal with Women Beer Drinkers

From porno pump clips to beers named “Knicker-Mocha-Muffdive,” the world of British real ale is a depressing place for the female beer lover.
Natalie Hardwick

It's Time for Female Chefs to Catch Up in the Kitchen

Yes, gender in the kitchen shouldn’t matter. But for women who have worked so hard to be “one of the guys,” we will debate this topic until the end of time. Do we care who recognizes us? Or do we just accept the status quo, pull up our boot straps, and...
Remy Ayesh

Chef's Night Out: Stephanie Izard

Top Chef Stephanie Izard lets us in on her secret to winning at life: Work eighteen hours, party four, sleep two.
Munchies Staff