This Consciousness-Raising Cafe Wants You to Eat Like a Feminist

While the cultural definition of feminism has changed considerably since the 70s, the ethos of Bloodroot Restaurant and Feminist Bookstore has not.
Alicia Kennedy
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Bar Offers 'Bloody' Discount to Women Who Are on Their Periods

Tell the bartender you're on the rag, and you'll receive 25 percent off your bar bill, since women spend roughly one-fourth of their lives menstruating.
Jelisa Castrodale

The 'Rosé All Day' Movement Is Trivializing Alcoholism

Have you been drinking up the message that we should be chugging pink wine, all the time? You might want to consider what's behind it.
Katie Fustich

Butcher Displays Nude Woman In Meat Case As Marketing Ploy

The Australian shop's advertisement raises questions about why women's bodies are so often compared to meat.
Gillie Houston
valentine's day

This NYC Bakery Is Making 'Feminist Tarts' for Valentine's Day

This NYC bakery's limited-edition box of desserts includes The R.B.G, The Malala and The Hils.
Munchies Staff

Women Still Struggle to Be Taken Seriously as Sushi Chefs in Japan

Female chefs don’t just suffer a lack of professional recognition in Japan—they exist in far smaller numbers.
Phylisa Wisdom

Why Men Are Afraid of Going Vegan

The popularity of plant-based diets may be on the rise, but they are still overwhelmingly taken up by women. In order to find out why, I asked two very different experts: Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph, and radical feminist Carol J. Adams.
Brook Bolen

This Woman Is the Master Blender of One of the World's Best Rums

Lorena Vásquez, master blender of Ron Zacapa Centenario, made her way to the top in an industry dominated by men. Here is her story in her own words.
Margot Castañeda

What It’s Like Inside a Queer Feminist Seder

It involves reading haggadahs from 'The Velveteen Rabbi' and a savory brisket that is braised for seven hours.
Javier Cabral

Coming to Terms with Mexican Feminism in the Kitchen

My grandmother held little regard for her “place in the kitchen,” as providing meals for the family was simply a responsibility. For a long time I felt this way too, but I've grown to learn that the kitchen can be a space of empowerment and creativity.
Teresa Finney

An Australian Bar Is Facing a Huge Backlash for Using Naked Women as Plates

There’s a new sovereign in the world of ill-conceived restaurant tableware, and it’s facing a torrential storm of backlash long before it ever had the chance to become de rigueur.
Alex Swerdloff

We Spoke To the Chef Who Created a Riot Grrrl-Themed Food Event

Nadia G. of The Cooking Channel's Bitchin' Kitchen is tired of food festivals always being goddamn sausage parties, so she created Riot Grill, a festival where badass women—in the kitchen and on the stage—rule. Let's just say there wasn't any fucking...
Eddie Lin