How to Eat Like a Muay Thai Fighter

I was there to find out what muay Thai fighters eat during training. What were these hard-bodied men feeding those sculpted abs? After reading about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s cod-filled dietary regimen, I was expecting a lot of clean eating in the...
Natalie B. Compton

This Australian Bar Is Accused of Having an “Antisocial” Wine List

While you can certainly overindulge in any alcoholic beverage—and wine will make you pay for it with a mean hangover—wine bars aren’t exactly known for rowdy behavior. Most people don’t go down to the wine bar to rip shots and get into fistfights.
Wyatt Marshall
jell-o shots

Jell-O Shots Are Ruining American Teens

A recent study from Boston University Medical Center was the very first to home in on that time-honoured tradition of infusing the Jell-O of your childhood with booze, and the results are pretty scary.
Nick Rose
food crime

Ice Cream Brawls Are Best Served with a Punch

In the town of Swindon, England, two ice cream sellers got into a turf war that escalated into physical assault.
Azikiwe Mohammed

Religious People Can Be Scary Drunks

A recent study has found a link between violence, alcohol, and religious beliefs. So if you plan on getting drunk with a believer, be prepared for a brawl.
Munchies Staff

I Watched Chefs Punch Each Other in the Face for Children

At Vancouver's Eastside Boxing Club, cooks and bartenders beat the living shit out of one another as part of Aprons for Gloves, a charitable organization that raises funds to benefit local at-risk youth. It's also one hell of a show.
Alison Ashe