food art


I Ate Monochromatic Meals For the Sake of Art

I'm obsessed with conceptual artist Sophie Calle's 1998 work "The Chromatic Diet." I wanted to see how it worked in the age of unicorn food.
Emma Orlow

Bakers Are Tired of Everyone Wanting the Same Instagram-Ready Cake

"Many cakes out there aren't good, but they get away with it because of their presentation.”
Alicia Kennedy

Feast Your Eyes on These Edible Gelatin Babies

Yoly Navarro makes the intricate desserts from her family's home in Guadalajara.
Anna Marks

This Guy Wrote a Guide to Being a Cannibal

To Eat or to be Eaten—A Guide to Cannibalism contains human butchery diagrams and recipes for human minced meat mango tartare and human tenderloin with cider.
Phoebe Hurst

Meet The Artist Turning Black Beans into Pop Art

"What if Warhol were Latin?"
Tony Peralta

This Art Is Bananas... Literally

Stephan Brusche uses a few simple tools to make bananas far more than just pieces of fruit.
Alex Swerdloff

You Can Forage from the Floating Food Forest That's Heading to NYC

This summer, New Yorkers will have the chance to get in touch with nature and their food when a “floating food forest” moors at various spots around the city.
Wyatt Marshall

The Sweet Terror of Eating Human Heads for Art

Simone Mattar's heads do not contain brains. Instead, they're variously filled with cheese, chocolate, and eggplant mousse, and are intended to make diners reflect on feelings of not belonging in the world.
Rafael Tonon

This Is What It’s Like to Get Drunk Through Your Eyeballs

A new project from food art duo Bompas and Parr uses humidifiers to turn spirits and mixers into a fine cloud. Without taking a sip of liquid, you simply breath and let the alcohol mist enter through your eyeballs, straight into the bloodstream.
Johanna Derry
food porn

Scientists Say Arranging Your Food in a Triangle Makes It More Instagramable

According to a study published in Food Quality and Preference, dishes arranged in an upwards triangle shape are most appealing and can impact how much we’re willing to spend on food.
Josh Barrie

Sperm-Glazed Dough Is Invading the London Art World

Essex-born artist Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau is a man who brings together the art object and the abject—luxe lifestyle health culture and pube-sprinkled lumps of dough. For him, food is a way to bring together his twin interests in philosophy and...
Nell Frizzell