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Hot Luck Festival

Our Favorite Hill Country Barbecue Festival Will Be Back in Austin Next Year

Spend Memorial Day weekend at the Hot Luck festival with good music, fun people, and more barbecue than you'll know what to do with.
Munchies Staff
Hot Luck Festival

Here Are All the Chefs Cooking at This Year's Hot Luck Festival

We got an exclusive sneak peek at one of Austin's hottest festivals.
Munchies Staff

Chaos Erupts After Taco Festival Runs Out of Tacos

The festival was already being criticized on social media for perceived cultural insensitivity.
Munchies Staff

Cheese Festival Ends in Outrage After Failing to Anticipate Intense 'Demand for Cheese'

Think Fyre Festival, but swap out the supermodels and luxury cabins with Camembert.
Alex Swerdloff

I Went to the World's Biggest Spam Festival

Like durian or cheddar cheese on apple pie, Spam is a polarizing food. But it’s huge in Hawaii, making it an obvious place to host the biggest Spam party on the planet.
Natalie B. Compton

Why This Lobster Festival Was Forced to Serve Hot Dogs

This lobster party quickly became a sausage party after bad weather grounded a plane containing 100 live lobsters, many of whom ended up rotting away during their perilous voyage.
Nick Rose

Terrorism Fears Lead to Paris Food Festival Cancellation

The location turned out to be too difficult to adequately secure, according to Street Food Temple organizers, who ended up pulling the plug on the New York-themed festival this week.
Nick Rose

How Mac and Cheese Destroyed a Toronto Neighborhood

Yesterday, residents of Liberty Park woke up to an apocalyptic scene of trash and melted cheddar. "It was just like a bomb went off,” one witness said.
Matthew Zuras

Even Peru's Top Chefs Are Addicted to Fast Food

The executive chef of Lima’s El Señorío de Sulco, Flavio Solórzano is helping to reclaim and spread awareness about Peru's wide and varied culture in both his restaurant and the wildly popular Mistura festival. But that won't stop him from hitting up...
Leila Nilipour
Action Bronson

Win Tickets to Taste Talks in Brooklyn!

Next weekend, Brooklyn will play host to Taste Talks, a three-day festival of panel discussions, screenings, and delicious food—along with an exclusive screening of <em>Fuck, That's Delicious</em> and a very special appearance by MUNCHIES' Editor-in...
Munchies Staff

Oaxaca's All-You-Can-Drink Mezcal Festival Is as Crazy as You'd Expect

For ten days each year, Oaxaca hosts the Feria Nacional del Mezcal festival, which is like Oktoberfest without the dirndls. There, I knocked back more shots of mezcal than I could count, from delicious reposados to cheap swill that tasted like 5...
Cedric Lizotte
hot sauce

A Sriracha Rave Is My Version of Hell

Next month in San Jose, the world will see its first Electronic Sriracha Festival, where molly-addled EDM fiends in fuzzy top hats will mingle with chili heads in cargo shorts. It's going to be a nightmare for all involved.
Alison Stevenson