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Photos Show Vendors in China Using 'Sewer Shrimp' to Make Street Food

Wuhan have been selling shrimp balls that are made from the most unsavory of seafood, processed in pretty much the most nauseating way possible.
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Why You Probably Shouldn't Butcher a Hog in the Alley Behind Your Restaurant

Turns out, it's probably not the best of ideas to butcher a hog in full view of prying eyes, even if you do plan on being the only one to eat the thing.
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This Man's Starbucks Cup Told Him He Was Going to Get Diabetes

Would you eat a slice of your coworker’s obligatory birthday cake if it were able to telepathically show you how many trips to the gym it would take to work off its fondant goodness?
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Why Is This Supermarket Using Fictional British Farms to Sell Food?

As would be expected, both consumers and farmers—who actually do currently exist and are located in Britain—are pretty pissed at what they believe to be nothing more than faulty advertising and a blatant lie.
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Pre-Peeled Avocados Are Really Pissing Off Canadian Shoppers

Sobeys is selling pre-peeled and halved avocados for the equivalent of US$4 a piece. Each avocado is denuded of its peel and encased in a plastic sheath, which is then inserted into a sturdy cardboard package.
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An Italian Chef Is in Legal Trouble for Cooking a Pigeon on TV

A Michelin-starred Italian chef, Carlo Cracco, is probably a bit surprised by the backlash now coming his way thanks to a dish he recently cooked on MasterChef Italia.
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Burger King Thinks Chicken Is a 'Vegetarian' Option

Burger King is promoting a new crispy chicken salad dish under a “Veggie & Fish” sign in a store located in Kent, UK.
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China Has a New System for Detecting the Sketchy Additives and Dyes in Its Food

Shanghai’s food and drug watchdog has invested in a new testing system that it hopes will stem the seemingly never-ending problem of food scandals. This new “instant testing system” can detect the presence of illegal food additives.
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A Phony Archbishop Is Selling Olive Oil as a Cancer Cure

Deya is accused of selling 750-milliliter bottles of Solestra olive oil—with the Aldi supermarket logo still on it, we might add—as a personally “anointed” cure for cancer.
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Chipotle’s E. Coli Outbreak Is Stumping Scientists and Fueling Conspiracies

Over 500 people have reported falling ill in a dozen states, thanks to food they ate at a Chipotle restaurant. The weird thing is, no one can figure out exactly what the problem is in some of the outbreaks.
Alex Swerdloff

Parkinson's Disease Has Been Linked to Drinking Milk

A study has found that a pesticide widely used in the early 80s—and which found its way into our nation’s supply of cow’s milk—may be the cause of Parkinson's disease emerging in people today.
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Some Fast Food Isn't Fast Enough for Chinese Consumers

Here’s to hoping KFC's Colonel doesn’t come down with a case of the vapors that leaves his ambitions for the Middle Kingdom permanently in shambles.
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