food safety

Dunkin' Donuts Manager Served Customers Pastries That Had Been Dropped on Floor

A video has emerged of a Dunkin' Donuts manager engaging in some pretty sketchy behavior.
Nick Rose
Craft Beer

Will Franchising Help or Hurt Craft Beer?

Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the skyrocketing interest in craft beer and attempting to insert it into a traditional franchising model.
Ashlie Stevens
Fast Food

Somebody Made Millions Selling In-N-Out Franchises That Didn't Exist

This week, 56-year-old Newport Beach native Craig Stevens was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud for the solicitation of more than $4.2 million from swindled investors who had purchased nonexistent In-N-Out franchises...
Alex Swerdloff

Subway Will Now Measure Its Sandwiches After a 'Footlong' Lawsuit

It’s a question as old as time: How many inches really are in a foot? All it took was a class-action lawsuit against global sandwich peddler Subway. We now know that a foot is, indeed, 12 inches.
Alex Swerdloff

Some Lady Got Naked and Tore Apart a Subway After Smoking a Ton of Spice

Hell truly hath no fury like a naked woman high on Spice. This sage industry secret was unveiled to Subway after an Alaskan woman rubbed her shit all over the floor of one of their franchises.
Alex Swerdloff

Can We Blame a Restaurant for a Bloody Biker Massacre?

Sunday was a bloody day in Waco. Nine people were left dead after turf issues between two rival gangs escalated into full-scale warfare at a Twin Peaks location—and many are condemning the restaurant for hosting them.
Jesse Hirsch