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24 Easy Hangover Cures from Our Favorite Chefs from Across the Pond

Salt beef sandwiches? Spicy chicken wings? A really good roast? We’ve got it all.
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These Spicy Dan Dan Noodles Are the Ultimate Comfort Food

London picklemaker Freddie Janssen’s dan dan noodles are the perfect balance of stir-fried pork, Szechuan chili oil, and crunchy pickled mustard greens.
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What Happened When London’s Best Female Chefs Hosted an International Women’s Day Dinner

Margot Henderson, Freddie Janssen, Olia Hercules, and more cooked in celebration of the women who inspire their food.
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How-To: Make Chipotle Pickled Eggs and Amsterdam Pickled Onions

In this episode of How-To, London picklemaker Freddie Janssen shares two of her best recipes.
Freddie Janssen
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Tickle Someone’s Pickle with These Bourbon-Soaked Okra Fries

All bourbon-pickled okra requires is vinegar, bourbon (Pappy Van Winkle if you’re a baller), and two days in the fridge. Then, deep-fry and enjoy.
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Bourbon-Pickled Okra

Pickle your okra with bourbon like Freddie Janssen does here in her book, Pickled. Eat them as they are, fry them, or use them as a garnish for cocktails.
Freddie Janssen

This London Picklemaker Turns Slimy Vegetables into Bourbon-Fermented Fries

“You can pickle anything,” says Freddie Janssen, author of a new cookbook on fermenting vegetables—occasionally in bourbon and then deep-fried. “It makes something like okra, which people think of as slimy, really fucking crunchy and lovely.”
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This Week in Food Porn

Welcome to This Week in Food Porn, MUNCHIES’ guide to the most drool-inducing pics posted to the ’gram in the past seven days. With strictly no #nomnomnom.
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