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Working at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Comes with Unlimited Craziness

People are extraordinarily dirty-ass eaters at a buffet. They steal food and think that they don't have to tip—even after I clean up the shells and bones they just throw on their tables.

What Will It Take to Make Restaurants Safe for Women Working Front-of-House?

Service jobs are the first work environments that many young women experience—and where they're first taught to endure harassment.
Ashley Goldsmith
Restaurant Confessionals

I Lied My Way Into the Upper Echelons of the Restaurant Industry

After my job prospects as a line cook fell through, I started lying my way through interviews for different waitstaff jobs. And even though I landed some jobs, I was a disaster in the dining room.
Restaurant Confessionals

Getting Paid Fairly as a Chef Is Near-Impossible

There are a lot of weird situations in the service industry where you’re taken advantage of.
Restaurant Confessionals

Running a Restaurant with My Husband Saved Our Marriage

Running the restaurant together has had a huge effect on our relationship. I think it’s actually made us stronger.

This Is What It's Like to Serve Drinks to Drunk English Tourists

One guy once asked me for a blow job. He asked for a mojito, a gin and tonic, and so on. At the end, like he was ordering another drink, he said: “And a blow job.”

This IHOP Waiter 'Robin Hood' Gave Away $3,000 in Drinks

Fuck Che Guevara and Guy Fawkes. A hundred years from now, we’ll all be wearing T-shirts idolizing this freedom-fighting waiter—and you’d best believe it’ll be glorious.
Alex Swerdloff
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Life Advice from 'The Bitchy Waiter'

If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you'll relate to The Bitchy Waiter's rants about people who linger too long at their tables and pain-in-the-ass Yelpers.
Kate Mooney
Restaurant Confessionals

Secrets from the Guy Who Runs Your Cash Register

Installing a restaurant's computer system might sound dull, but I deal with coked-out managers, train-wreck openings, and idiots who don't understand when to check if the power's on.

It’s Official, No One Really Likes Using iPads to Order in Restaurants

A new report has found that most of us are pretty ambivalent about technology in restaurants, with 37 percent of British adults saying they prefer to eat out in a tech-free environment.
Phoebe Hurst
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Working in a San Francisco Restaurant Made Me Racist and Sexist

As a restaurant host, I spend considerably less time with our customers than servers do, but even a minute is enough time to get a sense of what kind of diner the person is. And that has made me come to some ugly conclusions
Restaurant Confessionals

You Don't Need Laws to Figure Out How to Tip Me

I would make more money if there was a mandatory tipping policy, but there's a lot to be said about the benefits of some untaxed income when you’re working in the service industry.