Hash Brown Casserole

This is nothing but processed goodness: cheddar cheese, canned soup, and hash browns all baked together in a bubbly casserole.
Benjamin Sukle

Why You Should Be Putting Your Wine in a Slushie Machine

Kelly Fields, the acclaimed pastry chef behind Willa Jean in New Orleans, knows that in the scorching heat of the Big Easy, there’s no better way to cool down than with a glass of super-chilled wine.
Munchies Staff

Inside the Loneliest Five-Star Restaurant in the World

You can eat foie gras at Antarctica's Concordia Station, but your closest neighbor is the International Space Station and you might not see oranges for three months.
Daniel Oberhaus

Nobody Gives a Damn About Frozen OJ Anymore

Frozen concentrated juices have been on the decline for decades, but now sales of the stuff are really in the pits, with Americans drinking just 1.4 million gallons worth per month compared to 19 million gallons of non-frozen juice.
Wyatt Marshall
Make this

Put Down the Popsicle and Make These Fresh Coconut Paletas

Unlike popsicles, paletas are more like a frozen meal on a stick. And the fresh coconut ice pop from La Newyorkina—NYC's paleta queen—is no exception.
Munchies Staff
Stranger Than Flicktion

Falling in Love with an Ice Cream Man Is About More than a Big Cone

He asked me to go home with him to play Pop Pop, a game much like the food sex scene in 9½ Weeks but using only scoops of pink bubble-gum ice cream to eat, blow up, and pop on each other’s goose-pimpled skin while rolling around in the mud.
Kimberly Nichols

Melting Like a Shave Ice in the Hot Summer Sun

I spotted the "HAWAIIAN SHAVE" sign from down the street and pulled into the gas station. The plastic seat cover from the spa, which had adhered to my skin with an admixture of spray/sweat, ripped as I exited the truck.
Richard Parks

People in Shanghai Are Eating War Criminal Ice Cream

An ice cream chain based in Shanghai is now selling 3-D printed ice cream treats that resemble General Hideki Tojo, the prime minister of Japan during World War II.
Munchies Staff
Italian Ice

The Best Italian Ice Is Frozen in Time

Founded a century ago, Di Cosmo's Italian Ice in Elizabeth, New Jersey, still makes its famed frozen dessert the exact same way it did in 1915. The neighborhood may have changed, but the ice remains the same.
David Bienenstock

Beware of Door-to-Door Meat Salesmen, For God's Sake

America is hardly wanting for grocery stores, warehouse clubs, and even online meat sellers, and yet door-to-door meat sales occur with surprising frequency.
Munchies Staff
Ice Cream

This Cop Has Been Handing Out Ice Cream to Bad Drivers

Officer Ed Smith of the Warner Robins Police Department issued traffic law violators with mere warnings—and with Dairy Queen Blizzards.
Munchies Staff
the internet

America Loves Watching Raw Meat Porn

This week, the internet is abuzz over videos of raw meat being contaminated by dirty sidewalks and bare cleavage. What is it about poor food safety that gets us all hot and bothered?
Munchies Staff