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Rum and Coconut Granita

Use this to top any dessert, mix it into cocktails, or simply enjoy it on its own.
Gabriel Rucker

St. Louis Police Department Hopes to Thaw Community Relations by Handing Out Ice Cream

Dubbed “Operation Polar Cops,” (yeah, really), the SLPD added a new vehicle to its fleet last month: a blue and white ice cream truck to hand out free frozen treats at events throughout the city.
Gigen Mammoser
Ice Cream

How I'm Reinventing Soft Serve in Portland

Chef-driven soft serve is what happens when you take that nostalgia of having soft serve growing up, but then put a lot of care into it as an adult. This is what I am doing at my new ice cream shop, Wiz Bang Bar.
Tyler Malek

Future Ice Cream Might Not Melt Thanks to One of Japan's Weirdest Foods

Researchers have figured out how to use natto—the much-reviled dish of gooey fermented soybeans—to make ice cream unmeltable.
Alex Swerdloff
Los Angeles

This Ice Cream Turns Into a Pile of Edible Lace

Meet snow ice, the beautiful, undiscovered lovechild that ice cream and shaved ice had in the streets of Taiwan. It's practically an edible version of Picasso’s portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler with its jagged, razor blade-shaved ribboned texture.
Javier Cabral
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The Best Ice Cream Gets You a Little Drunk

Enjoy the best of both worlds: Buckfast—a.k.a. creepy fortified wine that's known for its affiliation with violent crime—and homemade frozen desserts.
Munchies Staff