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20 Desserts That Make the Most of Fresh Fruit

Fruit out of a can should only be a last resort.
Munchies Staff

How-To: Juice with Cro-Mag's John Joseph

Legendary Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph schools us on how to make a proper juice and smoothie.
John Joseph
New Orleans

Remembering New Orleans' Beloved Singing Vegetable Vendor

Mr. Okra was from another time, before people started caring about organic produce and bought their food from singing street vendors like The Banana Man and The Hot Stuffed Crab Lady.
Lee Matalone

Study Says You'll Smell Better If You Eat Fewer Carbs

A new Australian study shows that diet can affect how much men's sweat grosses out—or attracts—women. Hint: Beware of carbs.
Hilary Pollack

In a Shitty Mood? Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

A team of researchers working in England and Australia has found that eating fruits and vegetables can significantly increase one’s level of happiness. What's more, it could create an increase in life satisfaction “equivalent to moving from...
Nick Rose
food desert

Doctors Can Now Prescribe Fruits and Vegetables to Patients

For the millions of Americans living in food deserts, plucking a peach off of a tree isn’t really an option.
Nick Rose

Putting Health Food in Food Deserts Doesn’t Change People's Buying Habits

A team of researchers from Drexel supplied two East Los Angeles corner stores with improved shelving, training, and social media marketing, as well as more fruits and vegetables. Sadly, they did not get the results they hoped for.
Nick Rose
carbon dioxide

Fruits and Vegetables Are Literally OD’ing on Climate Change

It turns out that the huge amounts of carbon dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere with fossil fuels could be causing plants to OD on CO2.
Nick Rose

Catalonia Celebrates Christmas by Beating a Log Until It Poops Nougat

Known as Tió de Nadal, the tradition of hitting a log—adorned with a painted face and red hat—until it shits edible gifts originates from the Aragon and Catalonia regions of Spain.
Angela Hui
mental health

Your Mental Health Suffers When You Don't Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Another large-scale study shows that a diet high in refined carbs and processed meats increases your risk of developing clinical depression. But load up on greens, berries, and other produce.
Nick Rose

Fruits and Vegetables Are Now Helping Make Sex Safer

Just when you thought PR for fruits and vegetables couldn’t get any better, they’re now helping to make your favorite past time healthier.
Alison Stevenson

How to Do a Juice Detox Without Accidentally Killing Yourself

So you’ve spent the weekend sucking down rib meat, pie, and subpar American lager, and now you feel disgusting. Rightly so. Perhaps you need a juice detox. But pay attention to what you're sticking in your juicer—there's a lot of stuff that might kill...
Matthew Zuras