animal rights

Animal Rights Group Hosts Vigil for Chicken Killed in Truck Crash

“June was named after the main character in The Handmaid’s Tale, who also fled captors by hiding amongst trees,” the organization wrote.
Jelisa Castrodale

This Restaurant Wants You to Dine with the Dead

Inside a dimly lit restaurant situated near the Sidi Saiyad mosque in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, it is hard to escape a glaring fact: the tables and booths are arranged around large, casket-like tombs. At New Lucky, the customers are dining with the...
Han Zhang

Jamie Oliver Says He Wants to Be Cremated in a Pizza Oven When He Dies

The TV chef has revealed in an interview with <i>The Daily Mail</i> that he wants a “culinary approach” to his funeral.
Daisy Meager

Russian Criminals Hid Half a Ton of Caviar in a Hearse and Casket

Russia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that the Russian police uncovered 1,100 pounds of caviar in the back of a hearse that was pulled over for speeding.
Alex Swerdloff

Some Jerks Stole A 20-foot BBQ Pit Full Of Brisket from a Funeral

Plunging into the depths of depravity, some real sickos stole a 20-foot barbecue pit that was slow-cooking some moist, juicy, smoke-kissed brisket that was to be served at a funeral in Castroville, Texas.
Wyatt Marshall

MUNCHIES Presents: Taiwan's Funeral Feasts

When a friend or relative passes away in Taiwan, you won't go hungry at their funeral. Watch as we attend a ceremonial feast prepared by traditional "village chefs."
Joshua Frank

LA Restaurants Help Weave the City's Social Fabric

When my surrogate brother passed away, it illuminated how powerful a restaurant can be in facilitating human relationships. Now, as a chef in LA, I've noticed how our restaurants are becoming part of the city's social fabric.
Michael Hung