Getting Free Booze in Vegas Casinos Just Got a Lot Harder

Now, to get a free drink at some of Vegas’s best casinos you have to start playing—and continue playing, big time. Then, and only then, will the fruits of Bacchus flow in your favor.
Alex Swerdloff

I Went Sausage Gambling in Taipei

Situated among the brothels of Taipei are purveyors of fine wild boar sausage—but getting your hands on some requires you to gamble for your supper.
Todd Allen Williams

I Gambled with French Fries at a ‘Food Casino’ and Won More Than I Could Eat

Jerome Bradpiece is an international poker player with over £1,000,0000 in tournament winnings. I took him to London’s new “food casino” to play roulette with French fries and exchange our winnings for onion rings and cheesecake.
سامانثا ريا

The World’s First ‘Food Casino’ Will Let Gamblers Bet With Burgers

Participants will be given a free burger and “chips” with which they can gamble and win even more food. Not casino chips, but actual French fries, or what the Brits refer to as potato “chips.”
Nick Rose
Fast Food

Taco Bell Is Giving Away Millions in Free Food Today After Losing a Bet

You can thank Lorenzo Cain of the Kansas City Royals for today's opportunity to go stuff your maw with a Crunchwrap for free.
Hilary Pollack

I Had to Gamble for My Dinner at a Poker Night in London

I ventured out to East London to try out a new poker-themed restaurant, where a winning hand promises a free meal. This is worrisome, because I'm a terrible poker player.
Josh Barrie

The MUNCHIES Guide To Vegas: Ol' School Vegas

Anthony Curtis, a former-card counter, takes us out for a night filled with the best gambling and eats we’ve ever not paid for. We also hit up the classic Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge for a 3 AM feast of epic proportions. Oh, and did we...
Braydon Szafranski

I Served Shark Fin Soup to Gamblers in London’s Elite Casinos

After dropping out of school, I worked as a croupier in London’s exclusive members’ clubs: a world where mega rich players are ‘comped’ with whatever food they desire from Michelin-starred chefs.
سامانثا ريا
new jersey

Post-Apocalyptic Dining in Atlantic City

I love Atlantic City—the 24-hour bars, the Jersey singles on the prowl, and the tackiness of it all. You can still find an amazing sub sandwich there, too, as the city's restaurants have begun to pick up the slack left by shuttered casinos.
Gerry Visco
New York

A Potential Craigslist Creep Ended Up Being My Bakery’s Angel Investor

Before I founded Ovenly, I was broke in New York and desperate for a place to live. I scoured Craigslist and found an unusual opportunity from a stranger—and it ended up changing everything.
Erin Patinkin

Losers in Bali Cockfights End up in the Fryer

People in Bali don't participate in cockfighting just for the fun; they depend on it for a reliable income. I spent some time with a guy named Dilly, a don in the cockfighting world, and learned about what happens to the sore loser cocks, which...
Bo Ghetto Kitty