Video Games

Die of a Kombucha Overdose in This Modern Version of 'Oregon Trail'

Welcome to 2017. This is what Oregon has become.
Mayukh Sen
Aboriginal food

Vancouver’s Only Aboriginal Restaurant’s Got Game

Serving braised bison back ribs and game sausages, pulled boar and elk burgers, Indian tacos, and bannock bread pudding, Salmon n’ Bannock Bistro is the city’s only First Nations restaurant open year-round.
Sasha Gora

This Berlin Burger Joint Is Serving Venison Currywurst and Pulled Boar

The brothers behind Hirsch & Eber grew up in rural Germany in a family of avid hunters, at a time when eating game wasn't considered fine dining. Nowadays, however, the trio do a brisk business selling boar burgers and venison-boar currywurst.
Diana Hubbell

I Ate Deer Roadkill and It Was Delicious

I recently attended an upscale version of the decades-old game dinners common in smaller New England communities, which offered the titillating promise of professionally prepared roadkill.
Rose Maura Lorre

Blood Custard Tastes Better Than It Sounds

Glasgow chef Craig Grozier is the proud mastermind behind hare blood custard: a dish channelling Scottish produce and traditional cooking techniques. “With Scottish ingredients, just get quality produce and cook it simply,” he explains.
Michael Segalov

This Chef Is Serving Hares in Jugs

Standing in the kitchen of London game emporium The Jugged Hare, chef Steve Englefield opens a bag containing a skinned hare and a teacup’s worth of blood.
Gareth May

Shooting Game Birds Is Still an Ethical Dilemma in Britain

As the British shooting season begins and grouse dishes appear on high end restaurant menus, so too does the controversy surrounding the shooting of game birds, or what animal rights groups label “gratuitous violence.”
Gareth May

Britain Is Eating More Deer Than Ever

Sales of game meat in the UK rose by nearly 10 percent last year, something market researchers put down to the growing popularity of venison. Soz, Bambi.
Phoebe Hurst

Cooking Wild Duck Is a Plucking Matter

I’ve eaten freshly shot elk heart for breakfast in the Rockies; I’ve removed the scrotum of a German boar without batting an eye. But that was all in the great outdoors. The presence of wild duck innards in my living room is a culinary labor of love I...
Isabella Rozendaal
Los Angeles

LA Health Department Not Delighted By Supermarket Selling Whole Dead Raccoons

Yesterday, the health department paid a visit to Metro Supermarket after reports of it selling whole frozen raccoons, but no one is really sure whether it's illegal.
Munchies Staff

Partridge Tourtière

The vast majority of the Quebec population considers the Lac St-Jean of this classic holiday game pie to be the real deal.
Marc Cohen

There Was No Roadkill on the Menu at the West Virginia Roadkill Festival

I came to West Virginia to attend the annual West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off and Autumn Harvest Festival in Marlinton, where I expected to feast on freshly run over animals, but what I ended up experiencing was a spectacle for tourists visiting the...
Tom Sherman