A Swiss Wildlife Park Is Serving Its Animals As Carpaccio

At Wildnispark Langenberg in Zurich, visitors can gaze upon majestic wild boars, deer, moose, bison, and more—and then they can head to one of the park's restaurants and eat them.
Munchies Staff

Being a Chef Made Me Forget I Have a Micropenis

When I entered puberty I realized I was very different from the other boys. I shut myself off, worrying all the time that I'd get found out, and wound up feeling completely devoid of masculinity. That changed when I became a chef.

This Woman Will Teach You How to Eat Your Taxidermy

The two things missing in nose-to-tail eating tend to be the nose and the tail themselves. This weekend, though, a handful of Londoners will meet with taxidermist Elle Kaye and learn how to turn a whole rabbit into both dinner and decor.
Matthew Zuras

How-To: Cook Wild Rabbit

Learn how to skin and cook a rabbit and turn it into a delicious meal with the green stuff it would feed off out in the wild.
Munchies Staff

Earthworms Are the New Croutons

Scientists say we should start eating invasive species like gray squirrel, jellyfish, swamp rat, lionfish, and earthworms. It's all well and good saying that, but how do you make jellyfish look palatable? A group of New Yorkers show us how with their...
Eleanor Morgan
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We Should Be Eating More Canadian Geese

Geese are the worst kind of Canadians: they're jerks, cause tons of property damage, and bring down entire aircrafts. They're also delicious—and very, very plentiful.
Emelyn Rude