Japan’s 'One Hand Chips' Are Meant to Be Dumped Right Into Your Mouth

Could you just crush up your own chips? Sure. But Koike-ya has done it for you.
Bettina Makalintal

Gamers Are So Obsessed with Fortnite that They're Making Real Slurp Juice

"It didn't actually taste that bad... It tasted like when you eat something sweet after brushing your teeth."
Luke Winkie

Did Dairy Queen Really Ban 'Pokémon GO' Users?

While some businesses have purchased in-game items that cause Pokémon to congregate in a particular place in order to draw customers through the doors, a photo circulating on Reddit suggests that Dairy Queen isn't so friendly about this whole hubbub.
Wyatt Marshall

You Can Now Make 'The Sims' Favorite French Toast in the Real World

Food serves its purpose in video games as a life source; a standard healing method to keep you in the fight. But one writer and photographer, Holly Green, has created a cookbook that's grounded in real-world approaches to dishes from the virtual world...
Zack Kotzer

Lonely Gamers Will Be Doubly Thrilled With the 'Big Tits Ramen Festival'

A soft porn-y video game series is collaborating with five Tokyo ramen shops to serve bowls of soup that are topped with suggestive arrangements of soft-boiled eggs and pork.
Munchies Staff
Video Games

Video Games Feed Your Brain Like Food

Video games can tell us more about our collective appetites and approach to eating than we might think.
David Whelan

Video Gamer Diets Get a Bad Rap for Good Reason

I recently spent three days at E3, the world's biggest video gaming conference where I hung out with international gamers to play, discuss, debate, and consume.
Wendy Syfret