Germany Is Enlisting Garbage Cops to Curb Its Massive Grilling Trash Problem

Last year, 165 tons of food trash piled up in Munich parks alone. This summer, German civic authorities are stepping up their game to stop littering during grilling season.
Wyatt Marshall

This Fashion Line Is Made Out of Trash Fishermen Pull from the Sea

The sustainable fashion line produces their high-quality clothing using only recycled materials like “discarded fishing nets, post consumer plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton, and even used coffee grinds.”
Alex Swerdloff

Why a New York Winemaker Created a Garbage-Themed Rosé

Yup. "No Trash! De Blasio Blush" is the acerbically titled rosé that Eagle Crest Vineyards is rolling out as part of their protest against the proposed $3.3 billion, 20-year contract to send trainloads of New York City’s finest garbage to Seneca...
Alex Swerdloff

A Janitor Threw Away a Boozy Art Exhibit Thinking It Was Trash

Italy’s Museion Bozen-Bolzano—located in the northern province of Alto Adige—sadly informed its patrons via its Facebook page that a janitor under its employ accidentally “cleaned up” the entirety of a new art installation.
Alex Swerdloff

This Is Why You Should Stop Eating So Much Salad

Salad greens—that is, iceberg lettuce, leaf lettuces, and the like—don’t do a damn bit of good for you nutritionally, and are also a huge waste of water and energy.
Munchies Staff

The Internet Is Clamoring for These Ham Sandwiches Found in a Dumpster

The frugal users of internet community Oh Yes It’s Free Hong Kong went apeshit over a bunch of expired sandwiches left in a trash heap, and the media followed.
Alex Swerdloff

Seattle Has Decided Not to Fine Its People for Their Pizza Crusts and Orange Peels

The plan to emblazon Seattle citizens’ trash cans with semi-literal Scarlet Letters and make them cough up moola for the sick crime of tossing out the barbecue-sauce soaked napkins from their all-weekend Rib-a-thons has apparently been postponed.
Munchies Staff
Los Angeles

LA Health Department Not Delighted By Supermarket Selling Whole Dead Raccoons

Yesterday, the health department paid a visit to Metro Supermarket after reports of it selling whole frozen raccoons, but no one is really sure whether it's illegal.
Munchies Staff

Seattle Will Now Shame You If You Try to Throw Away Food

A new law in Seattle fines and literally bestows a scarlet letter upon citizens and businesses who don't compost their pizza crusts and Sriracha-smeared napkins.
Hilary Pollack
male chef

Food-Pranking April Fools' Day

In the <i>Male Chef</i> kitchen, our goofing-off reaches an entirely different level when April Fools' Day rolls around. We wanted to share some of our most classic mealtime gags, which will have you playing with your food in no time.
Male Chef

I Dumpster-Dived with a Bunch of Freegans

I hung out with a bunch of freegans, a group dedicated to saving anything that people wastefully throw away. We groped through the dirty trash bins of several reputable grocery stores and then cooked and ate our findings. Health-code violations be...
Ashley Hoffman

In Today’s Landfills, Food Is Embalmed for Decades at a Time

Food waste that is thrown into landfills has a dreadful effect on the environment. As rotting food decomposes it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. That&#039;s not the case with organic food matter in landfills...
Lauren Rothman