gender norms


Cooking with Muxes, Mexico's Third Gender

Muxes are people who are born biologically male and dress as women—but they don't consider themselves cross-dressers or transgender. Instead, they are treated as “the third gender,” and they identify neither as men nor as women.
Luis Cobelo

New York's Bartenders Can No Longer Refuse to Serve Pregnant Women Alcohol

City officials are now warning bartenders that hindering a pregnant woman’s right to drink in public is a discriminatory act.
Alex Swerdloff

Young Women Drink Almost Half the Wine in America

As a group, Millennials drank 159.6 million cases of wine in 2015. That's more than any other generation and constitutes 42 percent of all of the wine consumed in the US last year.
Alex Swerdloff

Japanese Men Get All the Candy on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Japan has taken a few twists in translation, adding a gender-role shakeup that is completely foreign to the way the holiday is celebrated in the rest of the world.
Alex Swerdloff

Yogurt Is Now Being Marketed as 'Manly'

Oikos, the yogurt brand now owned by Dannon, is marketing a line of black-labeled, masculine yogurts—for men, and don’t you forget it!
Alex Swerdloff

Women Are Catching Up to Men with Their Drinking Habits

The gap between how much men drink and how much women drink is narrowing. And that’s not a good thing for women because they suffer more from alcohol-related health risks.
Alex Swerdloff

The Gluten-Free Backlash Has Begun on Social Media

In a land before time, there was Atkins. Then South Beach. Then Paleo. Now there is #hotgirlseatingpizza and @girlswithgluten.
Alex Swerdloff

Meet the Latin Diva Chopping Her Way Through Gender Norms

Soraya Sobreidad is the host of an amateur YouTube cooking show that blends healthy techniques with Latin cuisine. But it took a long, painful journey for Jaime Montalvo—Soraya's other self—to discover the diva that she has become today.
Kelsey Kudak