Internet Roasts Burger Chain for Inexplicably Covering Tables with Grass

The sustainability-focused Australian chain Grill’d thought the vegetation would be a hit, but the internet thought it was messy and twee.
Bettina Makalintal
12 hours ago

Robots Cooked and Served My Dinner

In the Chinese city of Kunshan, a small army of robot cooks and waiters serve dumplings and fried rice to curious customers at Tian Waike Restaurant, and their owner eventually wants his robots to replace humans the world over.
Jamie Fullerton

I Went to Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe and It Was Not the Most Magical Place on Earth

It was like being trapped inside Lisa Frank’s personal acid trip.
Diana Hubbell

Attempt to Fight Off Blue Monday Depression with These 'Happy' Pizzas

Two UK pizza chains have jumped on the Blue Monday hype-loaded bandwagon and declared that they have developed mood-enhancing pizzas that will drag you out of your winter doldrums—especially on Blue Monday.
Alex Swerdloff

What I Learned by Doing Improv at a Soap Opera-Themed Restaurant

Each room in the restaurant was themed after one of the locations from one of the shows—there was even a surgery room from "General Hospital" you could eat in.
Matt Gourley

A Trip to the Chinese Restaurant Inside an Actual Boeing 737 Airplane

Lily Airways – International Airplane Food is a high-end restaurant built inside an actual Boeing 737 airplane that is currently grounded in a shopping complex in Wuhan, China.
Jamie Fullerton

This Beijing Bar’s Sword Fights Are More Enjoyable Than Its Steaks

Most people don't come to Knights and Merchants for the roast beef, or even its 18-percent alcohol mead. They come to dress up in medieval suits of armor and beat the living crap out of each other.
Jamie Fullerton

You Can Now Send Bae a Personalized Potato on Valentine's Day

Back to those taters. MysteryPotato offers a variety of tubers—from workaday spuds to sweet potatoes, and even a whole bag of Russets—each personalized with a message written in indelible ink.
Munchies Staff
Food nostalgia

Will Ecto Cooler Ever Make a Triumphantly Slimy Return?

Hi-C's Ecto Cooler, released as a drinkable tie-in for <i>The Real Ghostbusters</i>, has acquired a bizarre amount of cult fandom over the past two decades.
Tim Donnelly

I Ate Dinner at Cambodia's Infamous Snake House

I traveled to Sihanoukville, a shady coastal city near the Vietnamese border with a reputation for abundant meth and persistent prostitutes, to eat in a restaurant full of deadly snakes owned by a Russian oligarch.
Brent Crane

Deep Inside Taiwan's First Sex-Themed Restaurant

I decided to pop my head into Funny Sex, the first rumpy pumpy-themed restaurant in Taiwan, which serves all an impressive menu of dishes in the shape of dicks and tits. But spit-roasting was strictly limited to the kitchen.
Jamie Fullerton

Bourbon Street's Campy Cocktails Transcend Taste

There are things you can’t get at quiet cocktail bars far removed from the chaos of New Orleans. For one, you’ll never have a man who’s holding a bible scream in your face, or watch a bartender pour a shot of Fireball into a guy’s mouth and then...
Phil McCausland