Turn Your Grandma's Gingerbread House Into a Killer Bong

Now if only some kind soul would show us how to turn an advent calendar into a vape, things would really be looking up.
Alex Swerdloff

These Bakers Made Weed Gingerbread for Santa Claus

"They used to get super stoned from baking the weed gingerbread. Nowadays, they leave all the windows open while they’re making this stuff."
Stefanie Staelens

This Gingerbread Man Erotica Is the Spiciest We've Ever Read

Abiding by the internet decree known as Rule 34, gingerbread erotica does exist. We caught up with adult romance author Lynn Hubbard to find out more about her tale of spicy, sugary passion.
Hilary Pollack
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Make These Pentagram Cookies Tonight and Taste the Darkness

Just make sure you throw on some Burzum while you’re baking. And while they may be hungry, don't let the boogeymen bite.
Munchies Staff
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Make These Pentagram Gingerbread Cookies and Put the Satan in Santa

Let your dark side shine when you’re making holiday treats. We’re here to help. Just make sure you throw on some Burzum while you’re baking.
Sydney Kramer

Pentagram Gingerbread Cookies

Forget the holiday cheer and get in touch with your inner demon.
Sydney Kramer
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Get Weird and Naughty with These Sexy Gingerbread Men

The recipe for these classic gingerbread cookies come from romance author Lynn Hubbard, who recommends that you "squirt icing on your man and enjoy him."
Munchies Staff

The Norwegian Government Is Sorry for Making Fighter Jet-Shaped Cookies

Nothing says Christmas like spicy gingerbread cookies in the shape of stealth jet fighters designed to kill people.
Nick Rose