Ice Cream

Makers of 'World's Most Dangerous Ice Cream' Say It's 500 Times Hotter Than Tabasco

It also supposedly makes you, like, horny?
Mayukh Sen

Meet the 63-Year-Old ‘Auntie’ Making Glasgow’s Favorite Samosas

Served with chickpeas and tamarind chutney, Glasgow Sweet House’s samosas are the work of "Auntie" Nasreen. “All of my friends’ daughters come here to get them,” she says. “I’m flattered everyone likes them.”
Zab Mustefa

Why Scotland’s First Muslim Female Boxer Stopped Eating Home-Cooked Curry

“My mum didn’t know how to react to my new diet," says Glasgow-based Farah Jamil, currently training for the Commonwealth Games. "She thought I was eating rabbit food when I had a salad over saalan."
Zab Mustefa

What It’s Like to Work in a Restaurant and Fast During Ramadan

For Muslims restaurant workers observing the religious fast, being surrounded by delicious food is a challenge. “It’s the smell of biryani that makes it tough,” says Umar Farooq Mirza of Glasgow’s Yadgar restaurant.
Zab Mustefa

This Noam Chomsky Food Truck Serves Pulled Pork with a Side of Politics

Inspired by the writings of Noam Chomsky, Glasgow-based chef Felicity Day decided to mix her left-wing ideals with cooking, and launched the Chompsky street food truck last year.
Zab Mustefa

Welcome to the MUNCHIES Guide to British Food

Every day this week, MUNCHIES will be exploring the stories that make Britain’s cuisine. Pull up a chair, BYOB, and prepare to forget everything you know about British food.
Munchies Staff

Glasgow's Haggis Pakora Is More Than Just Fusion Food

“Scots and Punjabis are very proud of their own cultures so you get both of these coming together and it’s wonderful,” says Harry Singh, Glasgow restaurant owner and co-creator of the haggis pakora.
Zab Mustefa

Meet the World’s First Female Master Whisky Blender

Just 12 people in the world hold the title of master whisky blender, a role requiring extraordinary sense of smell and supreme distilling know-how. Although this list now includes women, Glasgow-based Rachel Barrie was the first.
Chris McCall

This Race Gives Runners a Glass of Wine Every Two Miles

Participants in Glasgow’s upcoming ten-kilometre run will be given a different wine to sample at each two-mile rest stop, with full bottles available to buy at the end of the race.
Phoebe Hurst

The Cow Is Queen at This Scottish Milk Bar

“Our ice cream is 80 percent milk, 10 percent whipping cream, then sugar. It’s a milk ice cream: the cow is queen,” says Mary Hillard, owner of Edinburgh’s Mary’s Milk Bar, which has had people queuing round the block since opening in 2013.
Rebecca May Johnson

Glasgow’s 'Hard Men' Have Nowhere Left to Drink

As Glasgow leaves behind it’s reputation as “the city of the stare,” its famously unwelcoming “hard men” pubs are also being lost to city regeneration and changing drinking tastes.
Chris McCall

Glasgow Is Going Crazy for a Bar That Only Serves Milk

“People make a face initially when they taste it, then they tell us how great it is. It’s a nice, easy drink—maybe too easy,” says Paul Crawford, a Glasgow bar owner whose establishment serves just one drink: the milk and gin-based Panther Milk.
Zab Mustefa